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Wine tourism: A selection of the best wine routes in Spain

Spain has the biggest vineyard surface in the world. The numerous vineyards and wineries among the varied landscapes provide the visitor with spectacular sightseeing. 

Each wine region in Spain has something different to offer: the wineries architecture and design, the vineyards patterns, the colours and scents of the different soils and terroirs, the local food produce to accompany the wine, etc.

We have chosen different wine regions and wine routes to satisfy both your curiosity for travelling and interest in Spanish wine. You can build your ownWine Tour in Spain in an easy way.

Wine Tourism in Rioja


In Spain, Rioja is synonymous of wine. The denomination of origin spreads along 54.000 hectares around three different Communities (La Rioja, Basque Country and Navarre).

The wines of Rioja are the most famous of Spain and its long tradition supports their fame.

Wine Tourism in Ribera del Duero 



Castilla y Leon means Romanesque architecture, austerity and also wine. Castilla y Leon offers many possibilities to the tourist wishing to enjoy a cultural and gastronomic break. Ribera del Duero is one of Spain´s top wine producing region. It specialises in red wines and its geography is shaped by the Duero river. 



Wine Tourism in Rueda and Toro


Castilla y Leon means Romanesque architecture, austerity and also wine. Castilla y Leon offers many possibilities to the tourist wishing to enjoy a cultural and gastronomic break.


Wine Tourism in Murcia


Murcia is famous for its beaches and groceries and therefore attracts millions of tourists every year.

Wines from Murcia might not be very well-known by the public, yet they are worth discovering.



Enoturismo en Castilla la Mancha


Madrid is not very well-known as a wine producing region. Despite this, excellent wines are produced locally. Old small wineries have found in old Grenache vines new inspiration, and new modern producers have brought innovation to this city.

In Madrid itself, a larga number of tapas bars and restaurants offer wine from all over Spain and some of the best wine lists in the country are to be found here. We recommend when you plan your short-break or getaway in Madrid you make sure you do a wine tating course, or do bar hopping and visit its food markets.

Wine Tourism in Navarre

T-vinedo3.jpgWine Tourism in Navarre

Navarre is one of the most famous Denominaciones de Origen in Spain. There are many wineries which produce wine belonging to the Navarra DO, but also wines which are part of the Rioja DO.

Wine Tourism in Malaga


There are two different ways of making wine in Malaga. The Denomination of origin Malaga specializes in sweet wines from the Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel grape varieties. It covers an area close to the sea.



Wine Tourism in Catalonia


In Catalonia there are as many as 11 Denomination of Origin with a wine-making tadition dating back to centuries in certain cases. The Catalunya Denominations of Origin is the only one which has been created in more recent years, and its vineyards cover the whole Catalonian territory. Catalonia offers many options for wine tourism, from a short getaway in Barcelona that include a wine Tour, to multiple day holidays in Priorat or by the seaside in Girona...


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