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Winery visit Bodegas Lecea, San Asensio, Rioja

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Bodegas Lecea offers a living example of wine traditions in Rioja. Get ready to explore its 300 meters of underground tunnels which provide a perfect environment for wine aging. These traditional wine cellars, known as calaos in Rioja, offer a fantastic and rare experience


- Get back in history and enjoy traditional fine wine production

- Enjoy high quality wine tasting

- Discover San Asensio, an off-the beaten track town in Rioja whose history, culture and economy is tightly connected with wine


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  • No transportation is included. This is just a winery visit. You will need to arrive to the winery premises yourselves

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Enjoy a guided visit in English by a wine expert to the winery premises with explanations about the history of San Asensio and bodegas Lecea and traditional wine making in Rioja
San Asensio was once home to 300 calaos like the ones today in place at bodegas Lecea.

Bodegas Lecea, located in the “Barrio de las bodegas” is composed of 4 of these historical calaos. Some of the tunnels are 14 meters deep and temperature is constant all year round at 13 C
The winery aims at preserving tradition, yet making sure a good use of modern technologies is in place. As a good example of this, after the harvest is completed and during one weekend up to 2,000 people participate in bodegas Lecea grape stomping weekend.

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