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Murcian food and winery visit

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Enjoy soaking up the gastronomy, wine and culture of Murcia all in one day. Enjoy a guided visit to a fantastic local winery in English, where you will have a guided wine tasting, before enjoying a 3 course traditional Murcian lunch with local wine


Murcia has produced wine for centuries and is well-known for producing two of the Mediterranean diet staples: rustic bread and delicious olive oil. This option gives you the opportunity to enjoy both the wine and food of Murcia, all in one day. We have put together a fantastic menu at a local restaurant that showcases the local gastronomy. With different options to choose from, you can taste local specialities such as Murcian paella and stew, accompanied by local wine. You will also visit one of best wineries in Murcia for a tour and wine tasting


- Tour of the winery in Murcia, with guided wine tastings 2-5 of their high quality wines

- Lunch in the wine town of Jumilla or Yecla

- 3 course meal, with different options to choose from, including local wine and coffee (vegetarian options available). You can find an example of the menu of the Itinerary tab.


- Transportation is not included. It may be necessary to obtain a hire car for the day. We can confirm this after the booking has been made.

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Cancellation policy
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When will the winery visit be?
Lunch is usually at 14:00. Visits to the wineries are typically in the morning, but this may be subject to availability for English visits on your dates. We will be able to confirm this with you after booking. If you have a preference for a specific time, please do let us know in your booking form and we can book your visits for this time, subject to availability.
Please arrive at the winery 15 minutes before your visit to ensure that your visit runs on time.

Where will the winery be?
We typically organise your winery visit and lunch in Jumilla, however this may not always be possible. You may have a winery visit at one of our partner wineries just outside the town of Jumilla, in Yecla or Bulla. We suggest being prepared to obtain a hire car for the day to travel to the winery.
We will confirm this with you after booking your itinerary, as the times for English visits may vary slightly depending on the day.

Why book with us? is the most secure, easiest and fastest and way of reserving visits to fantastic wineries in Murcia, in English. We will check which wineries would available for bespoke tours in English, and book the best winery for your chosen date. Not only can we save you time and money organising these visits for you in English, but we can also offer you the opportunity to visit some of the most fantastic wineries in the area.

Traditional Murcian menu
The Murcian lunch menu is seasonal and may change a little depending on the time of year.

Russian salad (a traditional cold potato salad typically made with potatoes, mayonnaise, tuna, egg, carrot and peas)
Fried cheese with sweet tomato jam
Murcian Mixed salad

-Main course
Traditional local paella
Jumilla stew (typically made with game meat and snails), served with a wheat tortilla

House pudding


-Water, beer, soft drink or local house wine included

The wine region of Murcia
Murcia boasts an incredible 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and is well-known for its hot, sunny weather. Its long stretches of white sandy beaches and hidden coves are blessed with warm seas and spa-like qualities, such as therapeutic salty waters and natural muds. It has wide stretches of arid plains and mountainous areas.
Murcia is well-known for making three staples of the Mediterranean diet: bread, olives and wine. Vineyards have been a part of Murcia since the Roman times and it boasts three DO (Denomination of Origin) wine regions which all produce the local Monastrell grape: Jumilla, Yecla and Bullas.

Jumilla has played a key part in wine production in Murcia for centuries and is one of the oldest DO´s in Spain. The wine area of Jumilla is characterised by wine open plateaus, valleys and mountains and is home to 30,000 hectares of vineyards. The town of Jumilla itself is steeped in Roman, Moorish and Christian history and accounts for over 50% of the area´s wine production.

Yecla was given the official DO status in 1975 and can be found in the North of Murcia, a few kilometres away from Jumilla, with 6,500 hectares of vineyards. It produces many varieties, such as Monastrell, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, elaborating wines of high quality that have made the area renowned for its wine production. The town of Yecla has a fine main square, local churches and basilicas.

Bullas has been producing wine since the 10th Century and is the smallest of the DO´s in Murcia, with an area of 2,300 hectares of vineyards. Similarly hot and sunny, Bulla receives a touch more rain than Jumilla and Yecla and has a more varied climate. The town of Bullas has a wine museum, local wine festivals and markets.

Thanks again for organising our trip to the winery and the dinner last week. We very much enjoyed both. The wine tour was engaging and interesting and the restaurant was truly outstanding. 
-Charlotte (Sweden)

"We have just returned from our trip and would like to thank you for your help. Although we enjoyed our Hotel and the visit, we would probably say the highlight of the whole thing was the meal. The staff especially Jorge were excellent as well as producing the food he gave us a full explanation of each course. Much enjoyed."

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