Tio Pepe winery visit in Jerez de la Frontera - Tio Pepe winery visit in Jerez de la Frontera -

Tio Pepe winery visit, Jerez de la Frontera


Tour description

The Tio Pepe winery visit in Jerez de la Frontera is a must-do visit in Jerez. You will be able to visit the monumental winery facility and taste its famous wines known all over the world.
The story of this legendary winery dates back to 1835 when Manuel María González Ángel reached Jerez. That year he acquired a winery and began producing and exporting their wines. González joined his agent in England, Robert Blake Byass, and Gonzalez-Byass was born.
The company remains family-owned and Tio Pepe is highlighted among its wineries in Jerez. We have to recall as well their brands of Soberano and Lepanto brandy

  • An especially interesting visit due to the history and size of this sherry producer, the largest in the world
  • Includes a train ride that goes along the gardens of Villa Victorina and a patch of vineyards
  • Visit the ancient stills, cooperage, and Lepanto Brandy cellar
  • Feel as if you have gone back in time to Jerez in the 19th century
  • End your visit with a sherry tasting 

This winery visit to Tio Pepe winery includes

English speaking guide

Enjoy the company of a friendly english speaking guide throughout the visit to Tio pepe winery in Jerez

Optional tapas

Tapas options can be included during the booking process

Sherry wine tasting

Sherry tasting (Choose your option upon booking)

Winery visit

Very complete visit of this monumental winery facility

Practical information

Wear comfortable shoes. It can get a bit cold in some areas of the winery, so you may want to consider bringing a sweater. Let your guide at the winery know of any dietary restrictions you may have

Tio Pepe winery visit - What to expect?

  • The impressive monumental winery facility
  • A very internationally recognized wine-making Brand
  • A truly complete and fascinating guided tour of the winery
  • Excellent location next to a few of Jerez´s must-see sights, like the Alcázar and Cathedral

Reviews - Tio Pepe winery visit

This is a great winery. We have around 2 hours in this place with a guide tour in English, they take you around and explain the history about this fascinating place. Great visit even if you are not into wine
Old room at Tio Pepe
We were not too fond of Sherry wine, but this visit has been a real inspiration
Group visiting Tio Pepe
The winery is amazing. A very old and classic winery, with strong links to England,. The tasting was fun. If you like wine, and also sherry, do not miss the opportunity to visit
One of the building of Gonzalez Byass

Map - Tio Pepe winery location

Video - Tio Pepe winery visit

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