Sherry winery tour with horse dance show from Seville - Sherry winery tour with horse dance show from Seville -

Sherry winery and horse dance show day tour from Seville


Tour description

Enjoy a fantastic day tour from Seville. Get to know Jerez de la Frontera, its amazing horses and an authentic sherry bodega. The tour continues in Cadiz, one of Spain´s hidden gems. A perfect tour to combine culture and wine with a superb horse dance show and an introduction to the famous Sherry wines of Jerez de la Frontera

What we like most about this tour:

  • Most efficient way to combine 3 great experiences in 1
  • One of Spain´s must-do activities: horse dance show
  • No need to worry about driving from Seville
  • Learn about how sherry is produced and taste different styles of sherry wine at a great bodega
  • Fall in love with the beauty of Cadiz

This tour to Jerez de la frontera and Cadiz from Seville includes

Winery visit and top quality wine tasting

winery tour and tasting of excellent sherry wines

Coach transportation from Seville

Roundtrip transportation from Seville

Horse dance show

Enoying the amazing show of the Jerez de la Frontera horses

Free time to explore Jerez de la Frontera and cadiz

You will have time to enjoy these 2 amazing cities in Spain

Jerez de la frontera and Cadiz tour from Seville - Itinerary

After less than 1-hour comfortable bus ride from Seville, you will enjoy the quintessence of Andalusian culture in Jerez de la Frontera, a very important historical, cultural and economic city In Spain, somehow forgotten by many tourists.

Few shows offer a more magical experience than the one provided by the beautiful white Andalusian horses when they show off all their tricks while classical music plays along.

Few people know that Jerez de la Frontera is home to the Andalusian horse culture and also to the famous sherry wines produced at wineries that resemble cathedrals. Sherry wines (Jerez in Spanish) offers a wide variety of wines and is a living testimony of history of British entrepreneurs in the South of Spain. You will enjoy sherry culture at one of Jerez´s most important bodegas.

The tour ends with a visit to Cadiz, probably Europe´s oldest city. Romantic, mysterious, Cadiz was home of Spain´s first constitution (La Pepa, signed in 1812) and a vibrant trade port for centuries (on the 18th century it accounted for 75% of Spain´s trade with America)


A very Very pleasant excursion from Seville. We loved the wine cellar and wonderful horse show. Many thanks to our guide for this unforgettable day.
Great day tour from Seville. We would recommend. Wine and sherry tasting superb , excellent guide, extremely knowledgeable and professional. Horses were great

Map - Jerez and cadiz tour from Seville

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