Flamenco Essence in Seville and Tapas - Flamenco Essence in Seville and Tapas -

The ultimate Seville tapas and wine tour


Flamenco and tapas tour in Seville description

It is well known that flamenco is part of Spanish culture, but in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, it beats with more force. Thanks to this experience, you will enjoy flamenco at a great show where you will be able to enjoy dance and music. You can add a tapas dinner to your ticket (other options are also available). A perfect way to immerse yourself in flamenco culture at one of the most charismatic shows in Seville

  • Enjoy an electrifying and colorful flamenco performance
  • Enjoy Spanish guitar, dances, and flamenco songs
  • Discover a colorful choreography that illustrates the gypsy culture
  • Discover what it takes to end a show with an explosion of sounds and dance in flamenco culture
  • Discover some of Seville´s best bailadores
  • We love the flexibility the show offers where you can opt for show drink, or show tapas dinner or show and a full dinner
Great Flamenco dance show

Enjoy one of Spain´s most amazing experiences rooted in the culture of Seville

Great tapas and wine experience

Enjoy tapas in Seville and wine whilst you enjoy your flamenco show

Dietary restrictions

Any dietary restrictions should be mentioned at the time of the booking process and also at the beginning of the tour to your guide

What can I expect from this flamenco and tapas tour in Seville?

Flamenco encompasses much more than dance or song, it is experienced as something very special in many parts of the country making it one of the mandatory things to do, not only in Andalusia but in Spain as a whole. Although many people relate flamenco with gypsies, it is true that both music and dance is a mixture of several of the cultures that lived in Spain since the fifteenth century as Jews, Muslims, Gypsies, and Castilians who created this culture with a big Andalusian flavor.

Maybe during your holidays in Seville, you will see dozens of signs in bars where you can read “Aquí no se da el cante” (Not sung here)

Reviews - Flamenco and Seville tapas tour with wines

Absolutely amazing show! The passion was genuine and even overwhelming at times, by the dancers and the singers. We had tables right at the stage and my husband and I were just in awe of these performances which lasted about 45 minutes (plus a drink included). We did not want the show to end!
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