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Best Tapas Tours in Spain

Experiencing the tapas culture of your destination city is a must when visiting Spain. "Going out for tapas" can sometimes be intimidating for a non-Spanish speaker. The bars can be crowded, the menu confusing, the wait staff very busy...this is why we recommend booking at least 1 tapas tour during your stay. Your guide will be a local and an expert on the best tapas and tapas bars of the city. We have selected a few excellent tapas tours to choose from in Barcelona, Madrid, and Seville. Sure to be an evening to remember!

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Flamenco Essence in Seville and Tapas Lunch

It is well known that flamenco is part of Spanish culture, but in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, it beats with more force. Thanks to this package, you will experience flamenco as a true dancer because we offer you the opportunity to learn flamenco dance and clapping with professional dancers and get into the flamenco world visiting an exhibition about the Cafés Cantante history. Enjoy a tapas lunch in one of the most charismatic restaurants in Seville. Minimum required to book: 2 people

Mon-Sun Seville, Andalusia 3-4 hours

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