Best places to eat in Logroño: Where to eat in Logroño on any budget - Best places to eat in Logroño: Where to eat in Logroño on any budget -

Best places to eat in Logroño: Where to eat in Logroño on any budget

Best places to eat in Logroño: Where to eat in Logroño on any budget

It’s well known across Spain that Rioja us one of the best places to eat in the country (and that’s saying something). Logroño, in particular, is notorious for its pintxos and bar culture. Riojan cuisine is heavily influenced by Basque cuisine and, as you would expect, is always to be paired with wine.

Since Logroño is the capital of La Rioja, many of our guests choose to stay there, and consequently one of the questions we get the most is “where are some good places to eat?”. So, that in mind, we went about putting together this list of the top places to eat in Logroño.

1. Tondeluna (address: Muro de Francisco de la Mata, 9) 


Tondeluna puts a modern spin on classic Rioja cuisine. The dining room has six long tables where the guests eat together and surrounding them is the kitchen, encased in glass, so where ever you look you can see how the meal is being prepared. They have several menu options that go from 20€ up to 40€ + tax per person.

We recommend their red wine caviar over creamed cheese, their salt-cured salmon ceviche with avocado mayo and wakame, their caramelized Riojan peppers with sous vide egg and potatoes, their bacalao pil pil and for dessert the mojito ice cream with banana mint salad.

2. Enascuas (address: Hermanos Moroy, 22)


Enascuas is a traditional “asador” that makes traditional Riojan dishes with a modern presentation. They have an excellent wine menu and incredibly, they even have takeaway.

We recommend “Cristal” peppers, Ebro river asparagus, homemade croquettes, seasonal vegetables with foie, Riojan bean soup, garlic soup, flame-grilled lamb chops, and oven-baked fish. For dessert, you will enjoy the chocolate straws, handmade lemon cream over ice cream or the “serrano” dessert.

Lamb chops Rioja

3. La Galería (address: Saturnino Ularqui, 5)


Chef José Félix Rodríguez and sommelier Raúl Martínez have been running this amazing restaurant since 2005 after working together at the prestigious Echaurren Restaurant in Ezacaray. La Galeria has an amazing wine selection, an innovative menu and great presentation and attention to detail.

4. La Ribera (address: AC Marriot La Rioja - Madre de Dios, 21)


La Ribera is located within the AC Marriot La Rioja and offers a delicious menu that highlights traditional Riojan cuisine with an avant guarde twist.

5. La Tavina (address: Laurel, 2)


Located on the famous Laurel Street in Logroño, La Tavina is a modern space where wine is king. The restaurant is divided in 3 floors: the bar on the ground floor where tapas and pintxos are served up with wine, the cellar on the second floor filled with an amazing wine selection and the dining room on the third for a more formal dining experience.

You can pick out your wine in the cellar and enjoy it with your dinner.

6. La Cocina de Ramón (address: Portales, 30)


This small quaint restaurant is run by chef Ramón Piñeiro. Its located right in the middle of Logroño and they are focussed on producing delicious traditional Riojan dishes.

They offer three different menus that range from 28€ up to 37€ + tax. The menu is seasonal as are the ingredients. Wine can be included for 10€ extra.

7. Wine Fandango (address: Calle Gral. Vara de Rey, 5)


Chef Aitor Esnal, is a lover of seasonal cooking which is evident once you read his menu, which is in constant flux depending on what ingredients are in season. Their weekly menu is priced at 19.50€ and their weekend menu at 22€.

8. Al toque (address: Portales, 24)

A large modern local that features both traditional Riojan cuisine and more creative and non-traditional offerings. They pride themselves in using the highest quality ingredients to create their dishes. They offer a delicious tasting menu for 30€.

9. Cachetero (address: Laurel, 3)

Also located on Laurell Street, they offer truly traditional Riojan cuisine: seasonal vegetables, caparrones (bean soup), stuffed red peppers, truffled eggs, roasted meats, … if it’s from Rioja you will find it here. Their tasting menu includes 5 courses including dessert. Wine and coffee can be added if you so choose.

10. Taberna Herrerías (address: Herrerías, 24)

Taberna Herrerias also concentrates exclusively on authentic Riojan cuisine. The restaurant resides inside a restored XVI century palace. On the first floor is the bar, on the second the kitchens and on the third, you will find the main dining room. The views of the church of San Bartolomé from the dining room take your experience to the next level.

Tuna dish Rioja

11. Asador Herventia (address: Capitán Gallarza, 10 Esquina Portales)


Herventia offers a more modern take on Riojan cooking. The restaurant is sleek and modern with a laid-back atmosphere. Depending on the season, you might be able to partake in one of their amazing “gastronomic days” where they pull out all the stops.

12. Mesón Egües (address: Calle de la Campa, 3)

Chef Fermín Lasa is at the Helm of the top steak house in Logroño. Everything about Egües is traditional, the ambiance, the dishes, the preparations, etc. We recommend almost anything on the menú: asparagus, garlic soup, consume, stuffed red peppers, pan-seared mushrooms, and foie, tortilla… its all delicious, but the main attraction is the steak. Make sure to have a good bottle of wine on deck.

Now, if you are more interested in tapas or pintxos, here is our lists of the best places you can find in Logroño


Some of the restaurants we mentioned above also have great bars where you can enjoy this type of dining experience but those wont be included on the list that follows.

1. El Rincón de Alberto (address: San Agustín, 11)

A little fancier than you would expect, a stone’s throw away from the cathedral.



2. Tastavin (address: San Juan, 25)

At Tastavin they take a more modern approach to pintxos. We recommend their tuna pintxo.



3. Soriano (address: Travesía de Laurel, 2)

A classic of Laurel Street. Soriano and Bar Ángel (Laurel, 12) are known for their grilled mushroom pintxo and both have their own fan base.


4. Torrecilla (address: Laurel, 15)

More of a modern feel, their specialty is seared foie.



5. Bar Lorenzo (address: Travesía del Laurel, 4)

Another more modern local where the specialty us the bocatita “Tío Agus”: seasoned pork tenderloin with the bars own special sauce.



6. Blanco y Negro (address: Travesía del Laurel, 1)

Another classic of Laurel Street. Their fan-favorite “Matrimonio” pintxo is made with green peppers and anchovies. 


7. Donosti (address: Laurel, 13)

Great variety of pintxos. We recommend their mushroom and Serrano ham pintxo.


8. Jamonero Pata Negra (address: Laurel, 24)

Here they specialize in serrano ham sandwiches with freshly baked homemade bread.




9. El Soldado de Tudelilla (address: San Agustín, 33)

Order the bocatita with sardines and chili pepper, you can’t go wrong.


10. La Taranta (address: María Teresa Gil de Gárate, 46)

 La Tarnata is an Andalusian style tapas bar, odd to find in this neck of the Woods, however, they have excellent tapas. Their shrimp omelet, fried squid or Huelva style shrimp are all worth a try.


11. Juan y Pinchamé (address: Laurel, 9)

They have one of the more famous pintxos in Logroño: shrimp and pineapple.



Pineapple and shrimp pintxo

12. Sierra La Hez (address: Travesía del Laurel, 1)

They offer a wide variety of delicious tapas, but we recommend their salmon canapé.




1. Villa Rica (address: Albornoz, 1)

2. La Méngula (address: Travesía del Laurel, 9)

3. Gárgonich (address: Laurel, 14)

Order the gargonito or the tronquito. The first is a kind of hamburger or slider and the second are miniature omelet sandwiches with different types of omelets: shrimp and garlic; stuffed peppers, ham, and mushrooms.



4. Gota de Vino (address: Calle San Agustín, 14)

Their claim to fame is ther zorropito. A sausage baked into bread with pork tenderloin, ham cheese, and ali oli.



5. Achuri (address: Laurel, 11)

Know for their homemade croquettes. 


6. Páganos (address: Laurel, 22)

Known for their “pinchos morunos”, the Spanish version of Shish Kebab.



7. Sebas (address: Albornoz, 3)

Know for their Spanish tortilla.



8. Bar Jubera (address: Laurel, 18)

They offer a great version of the Spanish classic: patatas bravas.



9. El Perchas (address: Travesía de Laurel, 3)

Trust us, pig’s ear, you won’t be disappointed.


We hope this article is useful and will help you fill your visit to Logroño with great food and wine.

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