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TOP 5 Day Tours from Madrid

Here are the top 5 day trips you can do from Madrid comfortably so you can get the most out of your visit to the capital of Spain. Add a little something extra to your visit and enjoy some of the best food and wine near Madrid
Best day trips from Madrid    Madrid is probably the best city to visit in Spain. Period. It has something for everyone, it´s the perfect blend of modern amenities with old sc…

Rioja awaits you

Are you planning a trip to Spain? Discover everything the magical region of Rioja has to offer: the wine, the food, the best places to visit, etc. Come! Rioja awaits.
Rioja awaits you      When you are planning a trip to Spain it’s easy to think about beaches, big bustling cities or small quaint villages. But there is another, less obvio…

1 day tour in Segovia - Highlights

A short post with small videos and pictures to illustrate the highlights of the tour to Segovia we run from Madrid
1 day tour to Segovia from Madrid - highlights       This post is to go over some of the highlights of our Segovia tour from Madrid and dive a little deeper into what ma…


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