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Nba and wine

Many NBA players are great wine aficionados. They find in wine a way to express who they are and are proud to learn about wine, taste wines from different regions, and learn about these
Nba and wine Sports and alcohol don´t go hand in hand. Or they shouldn´t do in theory. This does not seem to apply to wine, and in recent years a real obsession with wine appear…

Tempranillo in Spain - early ripening and quality

Tempranillo is Spain´s best known red variety. Selection through years made Tempranillo Spain´s preffered grape... and the grape was selected due to very solid reasons.
Why is Tempranillo so popular in Spain? Tempranillo is Spain´s most widely known red grape. It is also the most widely spread variety in the Rioja wine producing region. Not very…

Which wineries to visit in Rioja? - 15 ideas

This post shows some of the most interesting wineries to visit in Rioja. Setting up the appointments might not always be easy though. We recommend you contact us and we will help you out through the process.
Which wineries to visit in Rioja A list of 15 of the most interesting winery visits in La Rioja Much of the success of the wines of La Rioja is due to geography. Northern Mounta…


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