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Incentive Trips

Incentive Trips

Incentive trips. 

We offer trips, which are the best reward…


The objective of an incentive trip is to create an unforgettable experience, which reloads the prize-winning person’s hope and motivation. Our proposal / suggestion offer as much fun as relaxation in an exclusive and beautiful environment. 


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Our travels: The best reward

Spain is appealing to the traveller and our trips combine what Spain has best to offer in order to make our incentive trips unforgettable. In hotels located in wineries, the traveller will be able to enjoy a well-deserved rest surrounded by Spain’s nature and culture without giving up sophisticated surroundings, which can even be, depending on the establishment, full of luxury and glamour. Fun can also be part of the propositions we have to offer.


Having access to these services as a prize for a executive’s management, a client’s fidelity or for a sells team which has accomplish its objectives is without a doubt a double pleasure. 

Ideas we can organize for your incentive trips

Spas, massages and wine therapy.

Peaceful surroundings and rest in order to regain energy and a vital tone after a period of hard work. We have a myriad of proposition for you to choose from, which combine hotels in wine-producing areas and spa treatments in Spain. 


Cultural visits

Many of the wine-producing areas in Spain are found if places with big historical baggage. In fact, a lot of the time monks in the Medieval Ages were the ones to start these wine cultivations. We offer the option of trips, which also include cultural visits for a public interested by History, Architecture, and so on. 


Multi-adventure excursions

Our incentive trips can also include adventure, be fun and perfect to release adrenaline. We can choose different cities for the trip: it is possible to start in Madrid or Barcelona, go through Bilbao and enjoy it’s art, Seville’s flamenco, experience a daydream trip in train or a river cruise through vineyards. 


Wine tasting and interactive attractions

What is to be expected is the numerous options we have when it comes to organizing winery visits, which are far from the usual wine tasting stereotype and that are guided for big groups. Reunions with wine specialists, conversations with small winery owns, wine tasting, which is fun and include sensorial games, lunches or wine-pairing… There are many offers, which are suitable for different budgets. 

Original proposals

Seasonal festival with barrel openings, music and games.

The wine calendar includes important moments such as the wine harvest, the fermentation, the opening and bottling of a barrel, and so on. During those times it is appealing to organize a festival where music, games and obviously wine are to be found.


Walks, bicycle or horse rides, golf, paddle…

Sport is a wonderful way of fully enjoying a period of rest. The wineries are generally close to the vineyard and many trails go through them or surround them. These trails can easily be walked, followed on a horse’s back, or done by bicycles these ideas can be included in our incentive trip’s packs. Golfing is also an option in many of the wine-producing areas and at some hotels we offer they have their own golf courses or are very close to them.




Sleeping between vines

It is one of our most exotic options. Some moments of the year allow us to spend the night in canopy beds where the leading role is played not only by a good glass of wine but also by the stars. Spain’s climate allows the organization of very special activities. The diner will consist of wine-paring wine and stars, wine and mythology and wine and cosmology.


Spanish regional cooking lessons

It is not about learning how to cook but learning about the local gastronomy and wine-paring different wines with different tastes and textures, spending time preparing dishes with friends, wine tasting as well as remembering gastronomic anecdotes. Amongst these activities we can include wine paring between cheeses and wines, chocolates and wine, and so on. 



Initially, wineries used to put one product and one product only at the client’s disposition. That product was wine. However, without forgetting that a winery’s main mission is wine production, the development of some services associated to the privileged location of a winery has allowed to revolutionize the concept of a winery up to the point of becoming an industry which produces wine and other derivatives such as restaurants, hotels with spas, an open space for events, a cosmetics factory, … an in some cases an architectural model either for its daring and super modern concept or for its historical and artistic value. 




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