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How to Prevent a Hangover

How to Prevent a Hangover

How to Prevent a Hangover

How does one prevent a hangover when drinking?

First of all, we must point out that drinking does not always lead to drunkenness, and drunkenness does not necessarily result in a hangover

Drunkenness is nothing more and nothing less than the intoxication that is caused by an excessive intake of alcohol and whose effects are well known…you begin to feel very dizzy, have an unbearable headache, nausea, ringing of the ears, dry mouth and an overall feeling of discomfort.

How does one prevent this feeling of discomfort also known as a hangover? There is no such thing as a miracle hangover recipe. The best thing is not to overdo it with the alcohol (obviously). It is also important not to mix drinks. It is the impurities that go along with the alcohol that cause the hangover more than the alcohol itself.

Don´t drink on an empty stomach. Always eat beforehand and, if possible, while you are drinking. Stay away from fatty foods and drinks with caffeine. Drink plenty of water and, weirdly enough, finish off with a glass of milk. Milk actually helps slow down the alcohol absorption in your stomach.

If you´ve ignored our advice and have a hangover, what now?

Pay no attention to the urban legends: DO NOT continue drinking more alcohol.

You can have a juice if you do not have an upset stomach. Have something light to eat, coffee with milk, and go out for some fresh air. If none of this helps, try taking an aspirin.

Our best advice, as for all things in life, is moderation.

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