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Infographic Spain

Infographic Spain

We have created this really exciting infographic on Spain- what do you think? 

You can see some really interesting facts and statistics on Spain, which we loved discovering.

What is most surprising to you? We cannot believe that 1/7th of the world´s eco beaches with the ´Blue Flag´ label can be found in Spain. What this means is that the water quality, safety and security, environmental management and educational uses of the beaches in Spain are among some of the best in the world.

Infographic of Spain

We also couldn´t believe that Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language in the world- but it makes sense that many varieties of Spanish will be spoken all across South America and many small islands, each with their own unique traits.

It is also interesting that the 2 most used names in Spain are José (Joseph) and María (Mary), inherently biblical names. This would be interesting to research alonsgide the presence of religion in Spanish culture today, in comparison with other cultures.

We will create some new infographics soon, we have some very exciting ideas. If you have any ideas of concepts that you would really like to see us make, just contact us!

We hope you enjoyed this Infographic of Spain. 

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