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7 recommended itineraries for your road trip in Spain

Spain has a fantastic road network that connects many Unesco heritage cities. A road trip in Spain is an excellent option to enjoy Spain. However, building up a good road trip itinerary is very time-consuming. Building an amazing one is even more... and on many occasions, the results are not as good as they should. Most recommendations and blogs on the web are written by people who have been only once to an area, or that have only been to a restaurant or hotel in a city. We have visited attractions, hotels, and restaurants and are happy to share them with you. In these road trips, you will find amazing ideas which we believe are awesome!

Our team of local experts has designed some fantastic road trip itineraries to enjoy in Spain. These guides are free of charge and are ready to be used by you. In case you book any of the services we recommend from links on our website we receive a small commission that helps us in our effort to build great itineraries for you.

These 7 road trip itineraries provide a fantastic and diverse experience of Spain on the road

1- ROAD TRIP 1. North of Spain coast road trip: San Sebastián to Santiago de Compostela: Spain´s fascinating north coast and culture

2 - ROAD TRIP 2. Basque Country, Navarre and Rioja: Land of excellent food and gastronomy.

3-  ROAD TRIP 3 Bilbao to Madrid road trip. An excellent road trip itinerary to enjoy wine country in central Spain, lots of heritage, excellent gastronomy, culture, and fantastic landscapes.

4 - ROAD TRIP 4.  Barcelona to Madrid Road Trip.  Enjoy Spain´s top 2 cities and discover a world of heritage, culture, gastronomy and wine on the way!

5- ROAD TRIP 5 Rioja wine region road trip Discover Rioja wine country at your pace with a fantastic itinerary to discover medieval villages, fantastic landscapes, view-points, tapas bars, top restaurants, and fascinating traditional and modern wineries.

6 - ROAD TRIP 6 . Spain and Portugal road trip: from Santiago de Compostela to Madrid 

7- South of Spain: Seville to Cordoba via Granada road trip. An amazing experience on the road.


You can find here the maps of each road trip itinerary proposed. By clicking on any of them you can also access the full itinerary with all the recommendations to visit the area, driving times, best hotels for different budget levels, some of the top restaurants that offer great local food, fantastic tours, and activities as well as many other interesting details.

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San Sebastian to Santiago gastronomic Road Trip

Design a fantastic road trip in northern Spain with this free itinerary that includes recommendations to discover the north of Spain by visiting elegant cities such as San Sebastian, Santander and Oviedo and small fishing villages, all with their traditional architecture. This road trip itinerary has been selected as one of Spain’s best holidays by The Times. Our team of local experts recommends top hotels, restaurants, hidden gems, and activities to enjoy

All year round Northern Spain 10 days

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Basque Country, Pamplona and Rioja Luxury Road trip

This self-guided gastronomy road trip in Spain takes you through the North of Spain (Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pamplona and Rioja) and the French Basque country. It is a fantastic opportunity to get to know the real and authentic culture, gastronomy and wine of these regions. You will enjoy Michelin star restaurants, stay at superb hotels and enjoy wine culture in Rioja. There is so much to discover in this unforgettable gastronomic trip through the North of Spain

All year around Northern Spain 6 days, 5 nights

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Madrid to Bilbao Road Trip via wine country

Discover an authentic Spain in 8 days by travelling from Madrid to Bilbao (or Bilbao to Madrid) on a self-guided Spain road trip, through the fantastic areas of La Rioja and Ribera del Duero. Let us take care of organising you an unforgettable trip with Spanish castles, medieval fortresses and Avant-Garde architecture, accompanied by the best high quality wine and gastronomy, as you drive at your leisure

All Year Around Madrid - The Tour can finish in Madrid or Bilbao 8 Days - 7 nights

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Madrid and Barcelona Road Trip via North of Spain

Indulge in the vibrant life of Madrid and Barcelona and discover the flavors and food of Spain's Basque Country and Rioja with a road trip itinerary from Barcelona to Madrid (or viceversa). A fantastic itinerary to enjoy not just Spain´s 2 largest cities, but many things on the road! Sleep at romantic hotels, enjoy unique restaurants, amazing architecture, and culture and get immersed in the Spanish lifestyle. The itinerary can be enjoyed starting from either Madrid or Barcelona

Year round From Madrid or Barcelona 9 days, 8 nights

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Discover Rioja: 3-day road trip

Discover the best of La Rioja with this complete experience in which you will visit emblematic wineries and taste their wines, explore magnificent landscapes, taste the traditional gastronomy of Rioja, get to know its culture and curiosities, and enjoy activities related to the world of wine. We have carefully selected each of the services included to make this the best way to discover this wonderful region with the best price. This is a unique tour that cannot be found on any other site

Year round Rioja 3 nights

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Spain and Portugal gastronomy Road Trip

This road trip itinerary combines cities in Spain and Portugal and ends in Santiago de Compostela. Far from the most transited roads in Spain, with this road trip you will discover cities with a great cultural legacy, beautiful landscapes, and wineries with very different traditions. Fantastic cathedrals, fado music, red and white well as a stroll through Santiago de Compostela in the north of Spain, the final destination on the Way of St. James. An unforgettable road trip experience

All year round From Madrid 8 days - 7 nights

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South of Spain road trip

Enjoy an incredible road trip through southern Spain, and discover the real Spain. Andalusia has a fascinating history and diverse culture second to none. This 9-day trip joins together culture and tradition with gastronomy and fine wines. All of this against a backdrop of magnificent scenery and visits to the most important sights in the cities on the route

Year round Southern Spain 10 days


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