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Alicante wine tours

Wine tours in Alicante not to be missed

Alicante is much more than beaches, holiday villas, and the blue Mediterranean sea. The inland offers an almost forgotten wine region which produces very different styles of wines and aims at reviving a past that received the bless of kings from Europe who drank the unique Fondillon wine from Alicante.

Discover in this section options to enjoy the valleys and vineyards that shape the wine country in Alicante.

Enjoy a wine tour in Alicante to Enrique Mendoza winery. The winery offers the best opportunity to enjoy wine tourism in Alicante. We love the amazing tasting the tour includes, as well as the tapas used to pair the wines! The winery is located at a fantastic location which enables them to produce top quality wines from their own vineyards. The guided visit is a perfect opportunity to enjoy wine tasting and learn about wine culture in Alicante

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Wine tours of Alicante

The inland regions of Alicante and those closer to the coast where wine is produced comprise an amazing mix of climates and terroirs that results in a varied range of wines. The Mediterranean spirit is felt in these wines. White wines from Muscat of Alexandria, red wines produced with local Monastrell, fantastic fresh sweet wines that profit from the sunshine, sparkling wines, and the unique fondillon. Get into one of the wine tours in Alicante and enjoy! You can also check out for a Tapas tour in Alicante. A different experience to enjoy dinner and get toured by a local.