Itinerary and wine route in Malaga - Itinerary and wine route in Malaga -

Itinerary in Malaga wine region

Ideas for a road trip in Malaga wine region

This wine route in Malaga implies discovering the mountains around Malaga. In 2 to 3 days you can combine visits to museums and wineries as well as wander through the White villages and discover their culture, traditions, and landscape.

Malaga - Itinerary

1- Marbella

Marbella is one of the most touristic towns on the Costa del Sol. Visitors come all year round due to its great hotels, lovely beaches and the variety of tourists attractions. The narrow Moorish style streets in the old quarter are a great place to wander around and discover the city’s history. We recommend you visit the towers and take a walk along the see front and the garden Jardín del Ángel.

The Alcazaba in Malaga

2- Ojén

Our first stop is Villa de Ojen, 7 km away from Marbella. You will enjoy beautiful views of the nearby mountains and mediterranean sea. The former Pedro Morales distillary hosts the wine museum.

3- Ronda

Ronda is one of the oldest towns in Spain. You can visit monuments from different historical times: cave paintings, roman ruins, old walls and arab gates, arab baths and Mozarabicand Mudejar art and Barroque churches.

The best way to discover Ronda is on foot. We recommend you visit the Rey Moro palace (Moorish King) , the wine Museum and that you admire the river from the bridge el Puente Nuevo. In the valley near Ronda you will be able to find very interesting wineries which produce the new wave of Malaga wines. We recommend you to tour the Ronda wine region and discover what a small number of small wineries are developing. 

4- Arriate

6 km away from Ronda you will enjoy Arriate’s landscapes. The Campanario (bell tower) of the church Iglesia de San Juan de Letrán stands out in this White village in the Ronda Mountains. This is an ideal place to go hiking, and admire valleys and small streams.

5- Málaga

Málaga is a fantastic city to finish your trip. We recommend you visit la Alcazaba and the Morish XIX Century castle built on a hill from which you will enjoy breath-taking views of the sea and the city (the bull ring and the town hall) Malaga has a very Rich and lively night life.

There is a great atmosphere in the old quarter of the city, where locals meet and have a drink of Malaga wine.

Malaga theatre

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