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Things to do In Spain

The beach of La Cocnha from Molte Igueldo in San Sebsatian

10 Things to do in San Sebastian, Spain in 1 day

An insiders guide to San Sebastian and the best things to do in 1 day. If you are planning on spending a few days in San Sebastian, Spain, then we suggest reading this post in which we have summed up in an easy guide what there is to see and do and how to get there. … Read More

Alcazar of Segovia from the road

Best things to see and do in Segovia

This blog tells you about the best possible things to do when visiting the charming city of Segovia – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located just 98km away from Madrid, Segovia is a must for anyone in the area. Discover the best restaurants, bars and places to visit in Segovia. … Read More

Statues outside the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao

Things to see and do in Bilbao in 1 day

Are you planning a trip to Bilbao in the north of Spain? Are you looking for recommendations for things to do in Bilbao? The city of Bilbao offers one of the best getaways in Basque Country. It is difficult to find a city that has changed so much in such a short amount of time as did Bilbao … Read More

Courtyard in Jerez de la frontera

Top 5 things to do in Jerez de la Frontera in one day

Jerez de la Frontera is a lovely Spanish city in Andalucía. In this post we talk about things to see and do during a trip to Jerez. Jerez makes for a great day trip especially for lovers of sherry who wish to visit the famous sherry wineries of this city. … Read More

The harbor of Getaria

What to do during one day in Getaria

Getaria is a beautiful village in the spanish Basque Country. It is famous for the quality of its gastronomy, which uses the grill for meat and for fish. The most significant element of its gastronomy is the quality of the raw material of the ingredients used … Read More

Views from Labastida, Rioja Alavesa

Things to do in Rioja- Part 1

This post covers the best things to do in Rioja, Spain. Rioja is a fantastic place to visit- especially for those who like wine! Dotted with beautiful little wine towns, castles and churches, as well as fantastic tapas and wine to try, Rioja is a fantastic place to explore. … Read More

How to get from...

Bridge over the Duero in Aranda de Duero

How to get to Ribera del Duero

Ribera del Duero is one of the most prestigious wine regions in Spain. Here are some tips on how to reach this fantastic wine region by car, bus and train.
In this post we look at how to get to the fantastic wine region of Ribera del Duero, such as how to get to Ribera del Duero from Barcelona, Madrid, Sevilla, San Sebastian and more. … Read More

Vineyards in Rioja

How to get to Rioja from Madrid

Here we look at how to get to Rioja from Madrid- by car, bus or train. There is so much to see in Rioja and it is worth taking a trip up to the wine region whilst you are enjoying your holiday or getaway in Madrid.. Rioja is one of the most famous wine regions in Spain, and has many things to see and do. If you are already visiting Madrid and are thinking about taking a trip up to Rioja for a weekend of wine tasting and exploring, there are various travel options to suit your needs. … Read More

Northern Spain

Beach in a summer day in North Spain

How is the weather in Northern Spain?

A description of the best dates and months to visit the North of Spain based on the local weather conditions in this part of Spain.
Spain´s climate can vary significantly from one corner to the next. This is due to the country´s size and its varying terrain and altitudes. You may not know that Spain is actually the second most mountainous country in Europe following Switzerland … Read More

harbour in North of Spain

12 Highlights for a Road Trip in Northern Spain

Recommendations and itineraries for a road trip across the North of Spain written by our local destination experts. We aim at providing recommendations that offer overall great road trip experience in the north of Spain. This is one of the best guides to enjoy a road trip in Spain´s northern coastline. You will find value options and a fantastic selection of ideas collected with all the inside knowledge of our local experts. … Read More

Southern Spain

White village and sea during a roadtrip in Spain

South Spain roadtrip:12 Highlights

Recommendations and itineraries for a road trip across the South of Spain written by our local destination experts. We aim at providing recommendations that offer overall great road trip experience, value and a fantastic selection of ideas collected with all the inside knowledge of our local experts. … Read More

Wine Regions

Vineyard in volcanic soil in Lanzarote

Lanzarote wine tours – Regions and wines

Lanzarote offers one of the most impressive vineyards in the world. KIts vulcanic soils produce some amazing Malvasias. The area of La Geria is exceptionally beautiful and a wine tour in Lanzarote is a must for wine lovers who plan their holidays here … Read More

Winery in Tenerife with vineyards and Teide mountain

Tenerife wine tours – Regions and wines

Tenerife is home to many small wineries that produce excellent white and red wines from local grapes that cannot be found elsewhere. Volcanic soils and amazing landscapes are part of twhat you will enjoy during a Tenerife wine tour … Read More

View of wine estate next to Ronda

Ronda wine tour from Malaga

Ronda wine tour. Vineyards, wineries, villages, and history behind the wines from the Malaga region in Andalusia. Enjoy the terroir and the wines of this wine region located next to one of the top icons in Spain: the city of Ronda and its bridge. Cool nights, altitude, and proper vineyard orientation as well as excellent workat the wineries have led to excellent quality from the wines in Ronda … Read More

Vineyards near San Sebastian in North Spain

Doing a wine tour from San Sebastián

The majority of tourists who visit San Sebastián also have the desire to get to know its surroundings and if many of them happen to be food lovers, at least a good percentage of them must also be wine lovers, right? This brings us to the question, “What if we do a wine tour near San Sebastian?” … Read More

Vineyard near Barcelona

What wineries to visit near Barcelona

One of the best options to spend a day while in Barcelona is actually to leave the city itself and explore the beautiful wine country. At only a little over half an hour from the city, the surroundings of Barcelona are quite impressive with a magnificent landscape of vineyards stretching out as far as the eye can see. … Read More

Sherry winery in Jerez de la Frontera

Sherry & Champagne: More in common than you think

Sherry and Champagne. 2 very different wines? it may be surprising that Sherry and Champagne actually share some very important similarities.Find out more. t may be surprising that Sherry and Champagne actually share some very important similarities. In this post, we briefly mention a few of the things they have in common … Read More

Bottles of Riojan wine

Classification system of Rioja wines

The classification system of wines in Rioja is a bit complex. With this post, we bring some light to the system to classify wines based on time in oak barrels in the Rioja wine region and which relates to the names of Crianza, Reserva, and Gran Reserva.
Rioja is known worldwide for the high quality of its wines. The quality of the wines from Rioja is controlled by the Denomination of Origin qualified Rioja. Different wines are permitted under this regulation. We try to bring some light to this often-asked question in this post. … Read More

Ysios winery in Rioja

Which wineries to visit in Rioja? – 15 ideas

One of the biggest attractions to visit La Rioja region is its wineries. Rioja offers a variety of small family-owned wineries and major brands, traditional and avant-garde architecture. Planning which ones to visit according to distances, visiting times, etc. is not easy. This post shows some of the most interesting wineries to visit in Rioja. To make the planning process smooth and your trip more enjoyable, we recommend contacting us for your trip to Rioja. … Read More

Wine, Food & Traditions

Nba and wine

NBA and wine

Many NBA players are great wine aficionados. They find in wine a way to express who they are and are proud to learn about wine, taste wines from different regions, and learn about these. But this is not a simple topic. Alcohol and wine are not good partners and there is also the obvious question about the impact and influence on young fans … Read More

Seafood paella paired with wine

Wine with paella. Best wine pairings

The question ´which wine is good with paella?´ is often asked. There are so many paella and wine combinations, that we have analised some of the best wine and paella pairings to help you choose the bottle for your meal. In this article we are going to talk about which wine is good with Paella, or rather, which pair best with each paella type. There are many different paella dishes in Spain, meaning that there are a multitude of paella and wine pairing options to explore. … Read More

Seafood at a food festival in Spain

The best food festivals in Spain

Spain is a country that expresses itself through its festivals. Each region has its own traditional celebrations and you can find them throughout the whole year, as the Spanish calendar is packed with festivals of every kind. In this post we introduce you to the best and most interesting gastronomic festivals within Spain, so that you can enjoy the festivities just like a Spaniard. … Read More

Alicante wines tasting 1

How to order wine in Spanish

A guide to understand how wine is ordered in Spain. Pronunciation, etiquette and general advise to ensure you can order a glass of wine in Spain with a smile in your face like locals do … Read More

Croquettes tapas dish

Wine, Spanish tapas and Food – Brief guide

Food in Spain. Tapas are part of Spanish way of life. Spanish food is very varied and can be enjoyed in small portions, like tapas. Some famous Spanish dishes. Tapas are part of Spanish way of life. Spanish food is very varied and can be enjoyed in small portions, like tapas that go with wine or a caña (beer). … Read More