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The best wineries in Spain ... or the most unique ?


Saying that something is the best thing is difficult. The best for whom?

Each person has a taste. In the case of wine this becomes even more complicated. Wine is… different?.

Not as obvious as a color : red , blue . Wine is more complicated than that.

That's why we will not talk about the best wines in Spain, but rather about best wineries in Spain. But (yet another “but”) we will also limit the list to modern wineries with a very special design.  We will limit ourselves to the aesthetics of the wineries, their shapes and their designs. This seems to us easier. We will do a small selection of modern wineries with very unusual architecture.
The history of wine in Spain is long. The history of wine in Spain is similar to the one at other countries where the Romans came and lived.

The favorable climate and the large number of churches and religious orders favored grape growing and wine production  in Spain for centuries. Wine production takes place somewhere. And that place should have a number of special features that favor the production of fine wine. These features are those that explain the specialization of a unique architectural style, the one dedicated to the wineries and wine making.

Spain is fortunate to have wineries that are the work of some of the most important architects in the world . The result: beautiful buildings, which shape the environment and landscape of the vineyards in each area or wine producing region.

The title of this article suggests we would talk of some very special wineries. So we better do not keep you waiting any more. Here goes a small list:

Bodegas Protos . The winery building was designed by the prestigious architect Richard Rogers and Alonso Balaguer y Asociados . The winery is very modern, and if it were not close to vineyards and the Penafiel Castle nearby, you might think that this is an impressive airport terminal at one of the large cities in the World.



Viña Real. This winery is a barrel transformed into a building. At least this is what we see on the outside . Its interior is also surprising : huge dimensions and a structure in which everything is arranged considering how to increase efficiency. Their aging cellar and the inmense cellars where bottles are stored could both well be part of a big city subway.



Darien . Located on the outskirts of Logroño, this oddly shaped winery welcomes us among vineyards . The white color of the winery contrasts with the green of the vineyards and, overall , makes us think of a winery from the future. Something like the type of cellar where aliens may produce wine in another galaxy.



Ysios . At the foot of the mountain, the Sierra de Cantabria range, which protects Rioja from the cold winds of the north, Ysios welcomes us with impossible shapes. The winery is like the mountains, even in the color of its roof, it resembles the color of clouds taking over the mountain. The vineyard and the image of the nearby medieval town of Laguardia contrast with the winery´s stunning design.



Irius . Located in the region of Somontano . Irius is a winery that could we describe by saying it was designed by NASA. We would not be surprised to find this winery anchored on Mars , as part of a space-station. This effect is particularly evident at night , when the metal reflections accentuate the futuristic character of the winery.


Ferre Bobet . Located in the Priorat  region, Tarragona , this winery can be described as a viewpoint over the mountain and the vineyard . Anyone that sees the winery in the distance, may think that the earth itself has decided to make a periscope with which to control humans . Alternatively, we could also say that the winery looks to the vineyard , as if the wine would control everything that happens to grapes.


Contador. This winery produces some of the most valued wine Spain . Seeing your cellar we have a strange feeling. It seems that something is missing ending. Perhaps that's the intention , because wine is an unfinished product : it evolves over time.



We do not claim that this short list is exhaustive , but rather we want to show a few of the many unique wineries that exist in our land. All of them deserve undoubtedly a visit. Surely not the best wineries in Spain , but at least we have found the best for the purpose of this article to address unique wineries .


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