Best things to do near Madrid -Part 2 - Best things to do near Madrid -Part 2 -

Best things to do near Madrid - Part 2

Unesco near Madrid: Cuenca, Ávila and Aranjuez

In Part 2 of this ´UNESCO sites near Madrid´ series, we talk about the locations of Cuenca, Ávila and Aranjuez.

Each very different, these smaller towns and cities each have an individual charm: from the hanging houses of Cuenca that have a medieval fairy-tale air, to the strong walled city of Ávila with its fortress Cathedral, and the elegance of Aranjuez with its Royal Palace and exotic gardens.

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Originally known to the Moors as Kura de Kunka, Cuenca was in the perfect location, set on a limestone ridge and between two rivers, for a defensive fort. Today, Cuenca is famous for being a fantastically well-preserved medieval fortress town, which still has a number of intriguing architectural artefacts to discover today. Cuenca blends perfectly into its natural environment, complementing the cliffs and natural fauna into which it is built, its famous ´hanging houses´ balancing on the edge of rock faces.

Cuenca UNESCO Spain

Cuenca was conquered by the Christians in the 12th century and was built into a new Christian town, spilling down the hill on to new land. This period made Cuenca a royal town full of important buildings, such as Spain’s first Gothic cathedral. You can also find in Cuenca ancient churches, old convents and the town´s plaza mayor, as well as a wide range of architectural styles throughout the town, such as Gothic, Renaissance, Moorish, Rococo and Baroque designs.

You can also try traditional Cuencan food and wine whilst in the area, pairing local lamb roasts and fish stews with Cuenca´s Denomination of Origin (DO) wines. Do not miss the traditional sweet cake ´alajú´, made from almonds, figs and honey.

If you would like to find out more about Cuenca, visit their official Cuenca website, selecting the British flag in the top right for English.


The impressive wall that surrounds the city of Ávila is one of the best preserved walls in Europe, and is the symbol of city. It has an incredible 100 towers and a perimeter of no less than two and a half kilometres. The image of the dusky stone wall against the backdrop of the azure sky is a magnificent sight; it is awe-inspiring to imagine its construction centuries ago.

Avila UNESCO Spain

Within the walls of the city you can find a collection of beautiful ancient churches, medieval corners and Renaissance palaces. Ávila has the first gothic cathedral ever built in Spain, which is considered to be not just a religious building, but also a fortress. This ingenious architectural design is built into the east side of Ávila´s wall and took centuries to finish.

With regards to local gastronomy, Ávila offers a wealth of traditional dishes, ranging from savoury to sweet. Savoury dishes include pork chops, sucking pig, traditional fish pasties and local pulses and beans, among many other local recipes. As well as delicacies from the town´s many cake shops, Ávila also offers a wide range of local high quality wines. A fantastic local speciality to try from Ávila is its ´orujo´, a fragrant liqueur made from pressed grape skins.


Aranjuez is a truly beautiful place to visit to see exquisite royal gardens, 16th century palace architecture and ornate fountains. The Royal Palace is a treat to see in person: built in light coloured stone, it stands magnificent and opulent, contrasting against the year-round bright blue sky and lush green gardens that surround it. It was begun in the 15th Century, and by the 17th Century had become a Royal retreat, complete with hunting and pageantry, and served as an inspiration for many Spanish poets.

Aranjuez UNESCO royal palace

The gardens surrounding the Palace are extensive and bejewelled with elaborate stone fountains and statues throughout. The original 15th Century garden designs, set out by Phillip II, were intended to reflect his global sovereignty, with a huge collection of exotic and foreign plants surrounding the central Royal Palace itself.

Aranjuez the town was built next to the Palace in the 17th Century and still has a number of ancient churches and convents dotted around the town to explore today. You can also stop at a number of small local restaurants and eateries to try local dishes and local wine, including a highly rated local restaurant, Bonavía, that has food specially adapted for Celiacs and people with gluten intolerance.

Our recommendations...

If you would like to visit Madrid, Toledo and Segovia (in part 1 of our ´UNESCO sites near Madrid´ post), as well as the towns of Cuenca and Ávila, Madrid, Toledo and Segovia. We can also help you visit Aranjuez, just let us know your preferences.

If you are in Madrid just for a short break and would like to see more than just the city, take a look at our guided Madrid Wineries tour. You can explore the ´real´ region of Madrid, visiting a local town like Aranjuez and 2 fantastic local wineries. Get out of the city for a day with a local wine guide, and experience more than just the tourist routes.

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