Best gluten free cake and coffee shops in Madrid - Best gluten free cake and coffee shops in Madrid -

Best gluten free cake and coffee shops in Madrid

Best gluten free cake and coffee shops in Madrid

Gluten free Madrid cupcakes pastries

We are continuing our gluten free gastronomic theme by branching out into the world of gluten free bakeries, Spanish pastry shops and cafes. This list is part of the recommendations we provide to any customer who books one of our wine tours in Madridand who requires information on places to eat gluten free in Madrid.

We begin in Madrid, showcasing some of the city´s hidden gems tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Spain´s capital city. Whether you´d like to savour something sweet on-the-go whilst walking around Madrid, or sit down and enjoy a slice of cake with a Spanish espresso after some museums or hitting the shops, these coffee houses and pastry shops can offer you just what you need.


Calle Hortaleza 3. 28004, Madrid Tel: 915 31 88 87

Alfajores gluten free Madrid

This gluten free bakery and coffee shop in Madrid is frankly the most exciting place to go for an English speaking traveller in Madrid who wants to find a little something from home, as well as authentic Spanish ´pasteles´. They have everything: an incredible selection of cupcakes, brownies, cheese cakes, key lime pie, slices of cake, banoffee pie and cookies. They also have traditional Spanish baked goods, such as traditional ´Alfajores´ (little spiced biscuits covered in sugar, see above) and ´Tarta de Santiago´, a traditional almond cake hailing from Santiago de Compostela. You can moreover order coffees or soft drinks to accompany your cake (soy milk available), before you sit down to relax and enjoy your tasty treat in their comfortable small seating area. Their menu is also adaptable for lactose intolerances, dried fruit/nuts allergies and vegetarian/vegan diets, with each item carrying a helpful little symbol of who the product is suitable for. They are open until 21:30 every day, which makes them the perfect coffee and cake stop if you are taking advantage of the late night shopping on Gran Vía until 22:00.

Toma Café

Calle de la Palma 49. 28004, Madrid Tel: 917 02 56 20

Tome Café set itself up in 2009 with the idea of producing good quality coffee and espresso. Located in the young, hip and cool ´barrio´ (neighbourhood) Malasaña in Madrid, Toma Café is today a very small coffee house that serves a range of good quality coffees and gluten free cakes. Their preoccupation with providing good quality and natural products shows, as their staff are friendly and down to earth. To accompany their gluten free baked goods, which stretch far beyond the token ´gluten free chocolate brownie´ that larger coffee shop chains like to offer, you can choose from cappuccinos, lattes, espressos, teas, ice coffees and sweet coffee syrups. A great place to stop whilst browsing the neighbourhood´s little boutique stores, or the Illustration Museum, ´Museo ABC´, which is 4 minutes’ walk away.

Date Vita

Calle Huertas 33. 28014, Madrid Tel: 914 89 10 26

coffee gluten free cakes Madrid city

Date Vita is a little hub of environmentally friendly food products and ecological activities. Their motto is to produce tasty and healthy food that is free from toxins and pesticides, and respects the environment. You can find their gluten free cakes and gluten free biscuits in the South East of Madrid city centre, which are produced primarily by the gluten free bakery ´OH! Celia´.  The café also offers organic coffees and ecological teas to enjoy with their delicious baked goods. Moreover, the café owners also hold workshops, yoga sessions, drama events, wine tasting and meditation sessions (with breakfast and healthy snacks), which makes this coffee shop much more than just a place to drink coffee.

La Crêp

Calle San Pedro Mártir 3. 28012, Madrid Tel: 91 016 47 05

La crêpe is a small Creperie in the South East of Madrid that offers both sweet and savoury crepes. Made from buckwheat (or saracen) flour, the café´s ´galette´ crêpes are officially gluten free, as buckwheat is a component signalled suitable for celiacs. The décor of this restaurant is bright and colourful, with kaleidoscope wooden chairs and tables that make you instantly feel at home. You can choose savoury crepes and healthy salads, but if it is a sweet crêpe that you have come here for, you can choose between banana, chocolate and almond; pear, dulce de leche and ice cream; orange and chocolate; apple compote, cinnamon and cream; and lemon and sugar. They won´t disappoint.


C/ Villardondiego 22 (posterior) 28032, Madrid Tel: 913 71 95 25

Certified by the ´Asociación de Celíacos de Madrid´ (ACM) mentioned in our last blog on The best gluten free restaurants in Madrid, Artedieta bakes all of its gluten free goods separately and is careful to safeguard against cross-contamination. The bakery is East of the city centre, although it is easy to reach within 25 minutes of the metro stop next to Retiro Park, ´Ibiza´. They are open Monday-Friday 09:30-14:00 and 17:00-20:00, and on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays 09:30-14:00. This timetable makes them a perfect jaunt after spending an afternoon lying in Retiro Park, as they offer a delicious selection of handmade tea biscuits, truffles, traditional chocolate ´palmerita´ pastries and a selection of traditional Spanish cakes. If you are looking for authentic place to taste some truly Spanish pastries and confections, this is the place to go.

We will continue our gastronomic adventure next time with a post on Vegetarian and Vegan food in Madrid.

For more information on eating gluten free in Madrid:

If you would like more information on eating gluten free in Madrid and Spain, you can find out more by going to ´La Federación de Asociaciones de Celiacos de España- FACE´ (The Federation of Celiac Associations in Spain): (in Spanish), and the Celiac Association just for the region of Madrid: (in Spanish and English).

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