A selection with amazing tapas Madrid tapas tours - A selection with amazing tapas Madrid tapas tours -

Madrid tapas Tours

Tapas tours in Madrid

Enjoy Madrid like a local and have fun while you discover bars and taverns that serve some of the best tapas in the city of Madrid. 

Locals from Madrid enjoy bar hopping. They go from bar to bar tasting different tapas and wines while they update themselves about their lives. Like in many other cities of Spain, tapas in Madrid is truly a way of living. Discover and enjoy as locals do by joining a walking tapas tour in Spain´s capital city

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A private tapas tour in Madrid that provides an authentic, educational, and delicious exploration of the city's traditional vibrant food culture. It's a fantastic way to experience the heart and soul of Madrid.

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We highly recommend you discover the Spanish tapas culture on this fascinating walking tapas tour in Madrid. Visit several authentic Spanish locales tasting delicious food and drink while learning about the culture and tradition along the way. No need to research the best places to go to or try to squeeze your way through the crowds to order at the bar. Enjoy, relax, and let your knowledgeable guide take care of it. First drink and tapa at the first bar is included. Then, spend and eat as much as you like at the rest! Great way to spend an evening in Madrid and getting to know the local gastronomy and tapas culture

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Enjoy 2 tours in one: history and tapas tour in Madrid with this fantastic option. Enjoy a cultural walking tour of Madrid while you stop at different taverns and bars to enjoy excellent tapas, wines, and drinks like locals do. The itinerary of the tour covers some of Madrid´s top sights, including the area of the Royal Palace. This tour is perfect to combine two experiences in one: a cultural tour, and a food tour

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Madrid wine and tapas walking tours

We trust you can enjoy local wines from Madrid and tapas in one of these tours

Tapas in Madrid. What to expect

Tapas did not originate in Spain, but the capital offers a whole universe to ensure you enoy the best taste of Madrid!

Tapas did not originate in Madrid, but Spain´s capital is with no doubt one of the country´s top tapas destinations. Old traditional taverns co-exist with new arrivals that bring a creative touch to the tapas world.

Each city in Spain offers a different tapas culture and Madrid is no different to this rule. As in many other cities of Spain, tapas first started as a free tapa, that is, a small portion of inexpensive food given for free along with a drink. In the case of Madrid, a “caña” (a small glass of beer) was the most obvious drink. As for food, chips, olives, or some dry-fruits would be included as part of the “free tapas”.

What we just mentioned can be still found in many bars all over Madrid, but tapas in Madrid has evolved a lot in the last 3 or 4 decades. Madrileños would today meet friends and expect to enjoy a tapas dinner at one or several bars or taverns. Today you will find an enourmous variety of tapas at the different “tapas districts” in Madrid.  Quality and price varies a lot and in most quality bars you should expect “raciones” or large portion dishes instead of pintxo style tapas.

Most tapas tours in Madrid concentrate in the historical districts, which offer a wide range of taverns and bars, as well as most classical tapas from Madrid.

Most famous tapas in Madrid

What can you expect to taste in a Madrid tapas tour?

Let´s cover first these classical tapas so you know what to expect if you enjoy one of the tapas tours in Madrid.  Not all tours go to the same bars, and not all bars offer the same tapas. This is just a list of some of the most traditional tapas in Madrid


Bravas or patatas bravas are baked potatoes served with a delicious sauce on top (made with tomatoes, pepper, and spices) Many bars started to serve pre-cooked versions of this famous tapas with ready-made, low-quality sauces. However, when bravas are good they are totally addictive!

Tortilla Española or Tortilla de patatas

An icon in Spanish gastronomy (do not dare to tell any Spaniard that your grandma´s tortilla is better than his!) , this humble potato omelete can be truly delicious. There are local contests and competitions and as many versions as families. The secret of a good tortilla de patatas is to be found in olive oil and, of course, the quality of the potatoes) The rest lies on the chef´s secret.

Cambas al ajillo

This shrimp and garlic dish is cooked with chillies. Maybe not the best shrimp in Madrid are used for this dish…. But they are a local favorite


This simple soup is served with dry sherry wine and is a must during winter when temperatures drop in Madrid. Maybe not the most fashionable tapa in Madrid amongst younger generations, but a truly loved “classical” for true Madrileños.

Boquerones en vinagre

Madrid boasts some of the most amazing fish markets in Spain. Fresh fish arrives in Madrid daily. But this was not always the case. Vinegar was used to preserve anchovies and locals got used to this amazing taste. You must try them. They are an excellent match with Albariño wines.


Put in simple terms, croquetas are fried bechamel fritters. But they are much more than this. A very simple dish in principle, one can only understand all the noise about croquetas after having tried truly good ones.  Some bars specialize in them and they master the art of bechamel “production” There are many versions of croquetas and today you will find lots of creative recipes. However, a local favorite remains ham croquetas