Best wineries to visit near Barcelona - Best wineries to visit near Barcelona -

Best wineries to visit near Barcelona

Best wineries to visit near Barcelona

There is no need to say that Barcelona is one of the best cities to visit in Spain. Following our recent post with ideas for wine tours near Madrid we move now northeast to the vibrant and fascinating city of Barcelona.  It is a large diverse and cosmopolitan city filled to the brim with art and culture, tons of great food and many amazing things to see and do while you are there. But Barcelona is also relatively close to several important wine-producing regions. Priorat, Penedés Alella, etc. are just a short drive outside of Barcelona and feature some of the most spectacular wineries in all of Spain, not to mention a wide variety of activities (horseback riding, pairings, tasting, tours, spa treatments… you name it). At Wine tourism Spain, we offer several wine tasting tours from Barcelona from Barcelona that highlight the wineries from this part of Spain 

You can see highlights of one of our tours here:

So, if you are planning on visiting Barcelona and you want to add a little bit of “wine country tranquillity” to your visit, here is a list of some of the best wineries to visit near Barcelona. We will break them down by appellations:

Catalonian wine appellations:


Penedes wine region

Pacs del Penedès (1 hour from Barcelona)

Miguel Torres

Miguel Torres began as a small family-run winery. Over the years the winery has grown in size and notoriety and has become a world-renowned winemaker and other spirits.

Torres was founded in 1870 and owns cellars in Spain, Chile, and California. In Spain, Torres produces wines in the appellations of Penedés, Conca de Barberá, Costers del Segre, Priorat, Jumilla Ribera del Duero, Rioja, Rueda, Toro, and Rias Baixas. They offer several visiting options and own a restaurant called Mas Rabell a few KM from the winery.


Another winemaking giant only 30 minutes outside of Barcelona. At we offer a tour of their winery and lunch at an excellent nearby restaurant. Freixenet is the largest producer of Cava in the world and features some of the best and most prestigious varieties. The visit includes a tour of the old maturation caves that lie 20 meters below the winery, and other wine-related activities and food options are available.

Freixenet winery

Avinyonet del Penedès (1 hour from Barcelona)

Can Ráfols dels Caus – Set in the valley of Garaf, outside of Barcelona we find Rafols dels Caus, a spectacular winery centered around a beautiful family villa. It is one of the wineries owned by Carlos Esteva who also owns Mas Oller.

Caberara d’Anoia (1 hour 20 min from Barcelona)

Can Feixes – another spectacular example of  château style winery in the penedés región

Castellví de Rosanes (49 min from Barcelona)

Ramón Canals – We highlight this winery, not only because of the excellent products they offer but also because of the wine and cava museum housed on their property that shows the history of winemaking in the region.

El Vendrell (1 hour 5 min from Barcelona)

Avgvstvs Forvm – This winery offers a blend of nature, gastronomy and of course excellent wines. They offer a wide variety of activities on the property, so there is something for everyone.

Font-Rubí (1 hour 21 min from Barcelona)

Heretat Mont-Rubí – This beautiful winery specializes in single-variety wines.

Can Suriol del Castell de Grabuac – This winery is special because it’s a “triple threat”: The property features a winery that produces excellent wine, a top-notch restaurant specialized in local gastronomy and a spectacular hotel all in the same place.

Miquel Jané – This winery offers a different type of wine tourism centered around eco-agriculture. Although Miquel Jané is at first glance very traditional family-owned winery with an old villa at the center of the vineyard they offer a very unique experience to their guests where the protagonist is nature and the environment that surrounds the winery.

Agustí Torelló Mata – A smaller producer of cava from the Sant Sadurní area of Penedés. They offer a very different experience than Freixenet or one of the larger producers of cava, they offer a more intimate and subdued experience. They also stand out from the other cava producers in the area thanks to the care they take in the design element of their wine. In particular their cava Kripta is known for its excellent quality but also because of the unique bottle it is placed in.

Vardon Kennet. Another smaller winery Vardon stands out thanks to the beauty of the winery itself and the surrounding scenery. They offer a more relaxed and exclusive experience.

Ordal (52 min from Barcelona)

Casa Ravella – This winery was designed in the style of a Tuscan villa and is specialized in making eco wine.

Piera (58 min from Barcelona)

Pages Entrena – Beautiful family winery where you can enjoy great wine and cava and spectacular food  

Sant Esteve Sesrovires (47 min from Barcelona)

Roger Goulart – If there is a defining style of the architecture in Cataluña its modernism and although this style is more commonly used in civil engineering and religious buildings of Catalonia, we can see it used in the design of this private estate. Roger Goulart’s winery is clearly influenced by this modernist style and the results are spectacular

Finca Ca N´Estella – Ca N’Estella has been producing wine and olive oil since 1847. You can have a guided winery tour, special blind tastings, tour the estate on horseback and even eat in the vineyard if the weather allows it.

Sant Marçal (37 min  from Barcelona)

Oriol Rossell – The main building of the estate, Cal Cassanyes, is the old family house of the original winery owners, built-in 1637. The winery is surrounded by vineyards that are the sole source of grapes they use to produce their Cavas and wines, which qualify as ecological wines. You can visit the winery and the modernist cellar and of course taste the different varieties of wine they produce.

Sant Marti Sarroca (1 hour and 10 min from Barcelona)

Rovellats – This is one of the most impressive properties on this list. The land the winery owns is large enough to be its own town and the main building is as close to being a castle as a building can be. The winery has been operational since the 15th century and it features a chapel, a modernist garden and a small museum you can visit.

Sant Pau d’Ordal (57 min from Barcelona)

Eudald Massana Noya – This winery is now run by the 9th generation of the Eudal family. Their wines are made ecologically and the vineyard is grown and harvested biodynamically.   

Sant Sadurní d´Anoia (52 min from Barcelona)

Cavas Codorníu – The winery was founded in 1551 and its the oldest company still in business in Sapin. Codorniu owns 11 wineries, most spread across Spain in Catalonia, La Rioja, Castilla y Leon, and Aragón and a few others in the US and in Argentina. Their massive main building was built in 1915 and was designed in the modernist style and is categorized as Historic Artistic Monument. Codorniu is one of the top wineries in the region for a reason.

Cavas Codorniu

Vilarnau – This winery is a beautiful blend of modern architecture and nature. The surrounding vineyards are categorized as ecological and they use what is known as “precision agriculture” to tend to their crop. Vilarnau offers a wide range of activities and visits for tourists.

Juvé & Camps – Undoubtably one of the top Cava makers in al lof Catalonia. The winery was founded in 1921 and has 6 subterranean levels where their Cavas mature undisturbed. It also has a Chateau style main building. They also have a second winery 5 km away from where they make still wines.

Cavas Bertha – Features a spectacular modernist main building in the center of Saint Sadurní.

Pere Ventura I Familia – This winery belongs to a group of 3: Pere Ventura (Cava appellation), Can Bas (Penedés appellation), and Merum (Priorat appellation). The group offers a wide variety of activities in al lof their wineries.

Cavas Gramona – The winery began its activity in 1881 when Pau Batllé created Celler Batllé winery after purchasing the vineyards he and his father had spent their lives working on. Since 2001 their wines are produced at their new facilities using sustainable and biodynamic agriculture. The winery is fully integrated into the surrounding natural environment.

Cava Recaredo – One might be fooled by Recaredos industrial exterior into thinking their wines might be of lesser quality than others on this list, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Recaredo is one of the top cava makers in Spain and their attention to detail is second to none. They employ ecological and biodynamic agriculture and their Cava is always Brut Nature of long maturation.

Subirats (56 min from Barcelona)


Can Bas Domini Vinícola – We mentioned Can Bas already as the winery belongs to Pere Ventura. It is one of the more traditional wineries on the list. The property has several historical buildings to visit and the winery offers many different activities to enjoy.

Carles de Lavern – The land on which Carles de Lavern is located has been producing wine since 1826. The winery features an amazing restaurant that offers a modern cuisine centered around fresh ingredients.

Caves Olive Batllori – This winery stands out thanks to the amazing scenery surrounding it. It features a small castle and the winery itself is located on the road to another castle: the castle of Subirats.

Cava Llopart – Grapes have been harvested for winemaking on the property since 1385 and Llopart has been producing its own wine since 1887, making them one of the oldest winemakers in Catalonia. Their winery, however, is a spectacular modern building that sits high on a hill overlooking the property.

vineyards near Barcelona

Torrelavit (57 min from Barcelona)

Jean Leon D. Ángel Ceferino Carrión Madrazo (alias Jean León) founded this winery after an amazing life out of a Hollywood movie. You can find the story online, but the best way to hear it is at the winery itself.

The winery currently belongs to the Torres group. The main building was built on the contemporary style of architecture and it sits in an amazing natural setting. It has its own wine bar and they offer guided tours, tastings, several dining options, paella workshops, and large group events.

Viladellops (56 min from Barcelona)

Finca Viladellops – This beautiful property spans over 400 hectares and features a wonderful farmhouse as the main building built in the 19th century. The Desvalls family started this Project in 1999 producing eco wine using only local varieties of grapes like Cariñena, Garnacha and Xarel·lo. They also have a rural cottage where you can stay the night and a fantastic restaurant called La Posada.

Vilafranca del Penedés (58 min from Barcelona)

Heretat Mastinell – This winery produces both Cavas and still wines, which is pretty common for this region. Less common is to have a spectacular 5-star hotel minute from the winery. The hotel restaurant, “En Rima” specializes in Catalonian and Mediterranean cuisine, using the only farm to table ingredients. The winery and the hotel offer a huge range of activities to enjoy, including wine therapy at the hotel SPA.

Mastinell winery

ALELLA Appellation (31 min from Barcelona)


Alella Vinícola – A family own winery, it was founded in 1906 when modernist architecture was at the height of its popularity. The winery’s main building is designed in this fashion and is considered done of the “Cathedrals of wine”. 

Bouquet d’Alella – This is one of the smaller and more quaint wineries on this list. They specialize in eco wines and they offer a wide variety of gastronomic offerings to be enjoyed among their vineyard.

Tiana (31 min from Barcelona)

Alta Alella – The 19th-century Chateau sits high up on a Hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Deep in the Sierra de Marina state park. They specialize in eco wines and Cavas.

PLA DE BAGES Appellation

Manresa (1 hour and 2 min from Barcelona)

Heretat Oler de Mas is located in the municipality of Manresa, close to Montserrat. It is a winery that is over 1000 years old, so it is no surprise that they feature a castle on their property. All of the wine that they make is certified by the CCPE and it is the third winery in the world with the smallest carbon footprint.

They are currently building an eco-hotel on the property and they offer activities such as wine-trekking, breakfast among the vineyards, 4×4 tour, buggy tours, horse and buggy tours, bike tours, “wine harvest” diners and large group events. They also have a wine bar and a full restaurant on-site, as well as a golf course, pool and tennis courts.

Santa Maria d’Horta d’Avinyó (1 hour and 5 min from Barcelona)

Abadal (Masies d’Avinyó) – The winery was founded in 1983 by the acclaimed winemaker Valentí Roqueta. In 2011 the launched their, now famous 3.9 variety and by 2014 they were included on the World’s Most Admired Wine Brands list. Their Project is centered around the respect of nature and the surrounding wildlife.

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