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www.winetourismspain.com  is a travel web portal and travel agency located in Madrid, Spain and that operates with the license number CICMA 2729 from the Madrid region.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully. These conditions, along with any other information given to you at the time of booking, set out the terms and conditions of the contract between you and winetourismspain.com


Reproduction of the information provided in this portal is only permitted for personal use. 

DATA PROTECTION We are fully compliant with all data protection legislation. In order to process the reservations of the services contracted  WT needs to collect personal data from the TRAVELER which may include sensitive personal data such as information relating to any disability or medical condition or dietary restrictions. WT would also like to store the TRAVELER data to inform about promotions, trips and tours that may interest the TRAVELER. The TRAVELER has the right to request not receiving such information from WT. 

We do not store during the booking process any credit card information since this information is processed automatically by our payment providers.


the jurisdiction to apply is provided by the Court of Justice of Madrid, Spain

BOOKING. A booking with WT is confirmed when full payment or payment of a deposit has been made by the TRAVELER and received by WT.  Payment of deposit will be requested by WT to the TRAVELER based on the conditions that apply to the type of trip and which are described below:

– Depending on the service booked WT requests from the TRAVELER 15% deposit up to full payment at the time of reservation and payment of the remaining amount 4 weeks prior to the start of the Tour.

Payment requests are sent to the customer to proceed with the booking of a service and should be processed within hours after having received it. If a customer processes a payment request and there is no availability of the service requested WT will proceed with a reimbursement of the amount paid. 

ACCEPTANCE OF THESE TERMS. Any payment to WT constitutes your acceptance of these terms and condition.


We recommend the TRAVELER to check the price of the service at the time of booking to ensure there is no mistake. In case of mistake in the price provided, WT reserves the right to correct it and claim or reimburse the TRAVELER any amount and advise the TRAVELER accordingly.

WT reserves the right to change prices in case of important changes in prices or in the taxes that apply for the services contracted and which would impact the cost of the services contracted by WT. In case the Travel price to the TRAVELER increases more than 5% due to changes described in this paragraph the TRAVELER would have the right to cancel the Travel and no cancellation fee would apply. The TRAVELER would need to confirm his intention to cancel the trip at least 5 days after having been communicated this change in price by WT.

TRANSFER OF THE BOOKING. The TRAVELER has the right to change the reservation to another person in case this is indicated at least 7 days before start of Travel. This change would imply an administrative cost of 60 Euros per person impacted.

MODIFICATIONS IN THE SERVICES PROVIDED. WT reserves the right to change accommodation with similar official standard and wineries visited within the wine regions selected in the Travel.  A change of accommodation location or wineries to be visited is considered a minor change and has no further consequence.

LIABILITY. WT accepts its responsibility to fulfill all the elements of the tour the TRAVELER books to a high standard and with reasonable skill and care. WT does not accept responsibility for failure to enjoy your holiday where it is due to anything other than WT´s breach of contract. All the services we provide will be subject to the local laws of Spain.

FORCE MAJEURE. Compensation will not be payable and no liability can be accepted by WT in case WT is forced to make an important change or cancel  the Travel services to be provided as a result of unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond the control of WT. These can include war, riots, terrorist activity, natural disaster.

MAJOR CHANGES IN THE SERVICES. In the unlikely case that WT cannot provide part of the services contracted by the TRAVELER WT will provide a pro-rata refund of the cost of the services contracted.

CANCELLATIONS AND CHANGES REQUESTED BY THE TRAVELER. Cancellations must be notified to WT in writing.  The following cancellations charge would apply:

15% of the total services cost if cancellation takes place before 30 days of the start of your trip or stay. For cancellations within 30 days of the starting date of the service a 30% of the total cost will be refunded unless cancellations take place within 7 days prior to the start of your trip, in which case no amount will be refunded. We advise that you consider purchasing Trip Cancellation / Travel Insurance

Any change request made by the customer after already having booked and confirmed the dates of the trip may imply an additional administration fee of 5% and may also impact the overall trip price due to provider price changes.  Cancellation of the trip may be necessary if date changes impact availability (in which case, the cancellation policy will apply).

TRIP INSURANCE.   Travel insurance is not included in the Tours provided by WT. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND the TRAVELER to contract Travel insurance prior to the start of the trip, including not only medical expenses but also Trip Cancellation insurance and other travel related losses. 

EMERGENCY. We recommend the TRAVELER to provide WT with contact details of relatives or friends that should be contacted in an emergency. Please note that all costs incurred by us in providing any assistance in the event of an emergency including but not limited to payment for any transport must be reimbursed to us.

BEHAVIOUR The TRAVELER will behave without creating disruption the enjoyment of others or creating prejudice to the reputation of WT. WT will terminate the service provided in case the TRAVELER is in breach of this clause and no refunds will be made or cost be paid as a result of the termination of the services.

The TRAVELER is liable for all damage and losses caused by the TRAVELER actions or those of any member of your party at any of the establishments visited during the Tour.  

LUGGAGE & PERSONAL BELONGINGS. These remain at all times the TRAVELER own responsibility.