Best months to visit North Spain. Weather in Northern Spain Best months to visit North Spain. Weather in Northern Spain

Weather in Northern Spain

How is the weather in Northern Spain?

If you are planning a trip in Northern Spain it makes sense you get to know the weather in this vast area of Spain. The weather in Northern Spain differs from the overall idea of sunny Spain, but it is not a stable reality either.  

Spain´s climate can vary significantly from one corner to the next. This is due to the country´s size and its varying terrain and altitudes. You may not know that Spain is actually the second most mountainous country in Europe following Switzerland. Spain generally has dry summers and winters with balanced temperatures, typical of a Mediterranean climate. However, the country´s large geographic diversity causes the climate to change significantly especially between the north and south.

Many tourists flock to Spain because it is thought of as a country with good weather and plenty of sun all year round. This is not always the case and the weather can often be unpredictable, especially in the north. Before planning your trip to Spain, it is a good idea to do a bit of research based on the region you plan to visit and the time of year.

We recommend you to have a look at the article we have prepared with the top 12 things to enjoy in Northern Spain.  It includes great recommendations to ensure you plan your trip and save money while you make the most out of your time: great food, hotels and ideas which are great value for money. 

What is the weather like in Northern Spain?

Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, and the Basque Country predominantly have a maritime climate, characterized by warm summers and mild winters. Cloudy days, fog, and rainfall are quite frequent in this climatic region of Spain. Because of its elevation, the weather can be unpredictable even in the summertime. Come prepared for rain, cool nights, and even considerably hot days.

Weather in Asturias

When is the best time to visit Northern Spain?

The summer months of July and August are the best to visit northern Spain. Cities near the Atlantic like Santiago de Compostela, Oviedo, Santander, and San Sebastian experience their best weather and least amount of rainfall during these months.

Of course, there is always a chance of rain in northern Spain and very hot temperatures are also possible. So don´t stress about the weather! Northern Spain is an excellent destination rain or shine. And don´t forget to include several coastal towns on your journey for an authentic Spanish experience. You can get some ideas on this post about a road trip in Northern Spain

It is always a good idea to check the weather of your destination cities before packing your suitcase. Below are the average temperatures for the most popular cities of northern Spain according to

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Weather in Santiago de Compostela

Hottest month in Santiago de Compostela: August – average 19°C/66°F

Coldest month: January – average 7°C/44°F

Most rainfall: December – av. 281mm of rain

Best months to visit Santiago de Compostela: July-September

North Spain hotel ideas handpicked by local experts


Great value . Parking is free and just 1 mile from the Guggenheim


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Rooms with fantastic sea view and very reasonable price

Weather in La Coruña

Hottest month in La coruña: August – average 20°C/67°F

Coldest month: January – average 11°C/51°F

Most rainfall: December – 150mm of rain

Best months to visit la Coruña: June-September

Weather in Villaviciosa

Weather in Oviedo

Hottest month in Oviedo: August – average 19°C/68°F

Coldest month: January – average 8°C/46°F

Most rainfall: April – 120mm of rain

Best months to visit Oviedo: June-September

Weather in Santander

Hottest month in Santander: July – average 20°C/68°F

Coldest month: January – average 11°C/51°F

Most rainfall: November – 140mm of rain

Best months to visit Santander: June-September

Weather in Bilbao

Hottest month in Bilbao: August – average 21°C/69°F

Coldest month: January – average 10°C/49°F

Most rainfall: April – 120 mm of rain

Best months to visit Bilbao: May-September

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Weather in Logroño

Hottest month in Logroño: August – average 23°C/73°F

Coldest month: January – average 6°C/43°F

Most rainfall: April – 50mm of rain

Best months to visit Logroño: June-September


Weather in San Sebastian

Hottest month in San Sebastian: July – average 21°C/69°F

Coldest month: January – average 9°C/47°F

Most rainfall: April – 190mm of rain

Best months to visit San Sebastian: June-September

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More hotel ideas handpicked by local experts


There are many good hotels in Santiago but this is our favorite.


Lots of charm for this old galician palace. Great value too and excellent location


We believe the Parador in Cangas is one of the most beautiful paradores in Spain.

Weather in Pamplona

Hottest month: July – average 20°C/68°F

Coldest month: January – average 5°C/41°F

Most rainfall: April – 80mm of rain

Best months to visit Pamplona: June-September

Weather in San Sebastian

We trust you find this information useful. We provide you here with Spain´s national weather agency, where you can find the most updated information about weather in Spain (unfortunatedly this is only available in Spanish language) Aemet.

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