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Michelin star restaurants in Madrid- Part 2

If you enjoy visiting new restaurants that serve fantastic gastronomy, then these Michelin star restaurants in Madrid are for you (There is much more gastronomy than tapas in Madrid!) . You can find other options in our previous post with more Michelin star restaurants in Madrid. If you prefer the traditional, then Zalacaín may be your choice, with its exclusive ambience and beautiful renaissance inspired décor. If global cuisine is more something that you would enjoy, then the fusion cooking offered by Kabuki and Kabuki Wellington may be the places to find your next favourite dishes. Alternatively, for a blend of the traditional and the modern, you may be enticed by Ramon Freixa´s luxury gastronomy. Many of these restaurants have their own sommeliers on hand to help you choose a wine to accompany your meal, or an already prepared wine pairing list that fits a set menu. Either way, if they do not stock the Spanish wine that you like, chef Sergi Arola promises to bring in any bottle not on his wine list just for you, to make your meal even more pleasant.

Zalacaín- * 1 Michelin star

Zalacaín is a restaurant for those with regal tastes, as the place has been frequented many times by King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia, as well as Spanish Presidents, Government Ministers and Nobel Prize Winners. The dishes are primarily classic in style, with little elements of surprise thrown in. The restaurant has its own chief Sommelier, Custodio López Zamarra, who can advise on the best wines to pair with your dish from their 800 strong wine menu. With bottles hailing from every D.O. in Spain, as well as the best from France, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, the United States, Argentina, Chile and Israel, you will be spoilt for choice.

The décor of this restaurant on the first impression looks as though it has come straight from a Royal Palace, with plush curtains, heavy carpets and deep colour schemes, illuminated by the shining surfaces of ornate polished silverware, lit candelabras and crystal chandeliers. This effect is multiplied depending on which dining room you choose- with the smallest private dining rooms exuding a more regal effect than the others. As you look around its modern touches become apparent, especially in the larger main dining room, but has stepped in from the contemporary outside world that is the capital city of Madrid, the contrast is fascinating.

Sergi Arola Gastro- ** 2 Michelin stars

This Catalan chef is passionate about creating a gastronomic experience that welcomes each and every customer into what it is to eat at Sergi Arola Gastro. The restaurant´s philosophy of paying attention to detail has clearly paid off- with two Michelin stars under his belt, Sergi Arola the chef is currently planning his worldwide expansion of the brand ´Arola´.



´Sergi Arola Gastro´ changes its menu on a monthly basis following the freshest seasonal ingredients, meaning that any two visits could be unique. A relatively recent addition to the menu selection- Menú Sergi Arola (135€) and Menú Descubrimiento (105€)- is the Menú Lunch at 49€. This option offering a starter, main and dessert from the ´A La Carta´ menu is incredibly economical, not least because a number of the standalone main dishes cost an average of 53€. The dishes themselves are modern, simple and beautifully presented.

Sergi Arola Gastro also has its own special handicap: natural, ecological and biodynamic wines. Their selection, over 500 strong, is 60% Spanish, 20% French, 20% from the rest of Europe and 10% from the new world. As well as offering a wine pairing service, they also offer to bring in any bottle of wine not on the list just for your meal, to make your experience even more enjoyable.

Ramón Freixa Madrid- ** 2 Michelin stars

Chef Ramón Freixa works from a base of traditional cooking methods but experiments with new ideas to create recipes that surprise, astonish and taste delicious. The reason why he cooks, he says, is to ´make people happy


This philosophy can be seen not just in his food, but also in the design of his restaurant. With a light and open dining room decorated with muted colours and dashes of orange and purple, the atmosphere is one of luxury. In fact, there are only 35 spaces, to ensure a feeling of space and personalised service.

Ramón Freixa´s fixed menus also come with the option of a specialised wine pairing menu for each of your courses, specially designed by the restaurant´s sommelier, Juan Manuel Serrano Galán.

Kabuki * and Kabuki Wellington * - 1 Michelin star each

´Kabuki´ and ´Kabuki Wellington´ are Japanese-Mediterranean fusion restaurants, perfect for those that like to experience the gastronomic delights of travel from the comfort of a stylish restaurant setting. Together with their sister restaurant, ´Abama Kabuki´, the trio make up the ´Kabuki´ brand. While ´Abama Kabuki´ has yet to receive a Michelin star, both the flagship restaurant ´Kabuki´ and its little brother ´Kabuki Wellington´ have won a star through flawless fusion cooking.

Loyal to their blend of East and West cooking, the wine lists of ´Kabuki´ and ´Kabuki Wellington´ also represent the foods served in their restaurant, offering a mix of sparkling wines, whites and Japanese sakés; for this reason a visit to these restaurants is not only an experience and an education on Japanese cuisine and wine, but also on Japanese food and wine pairing.


We hope that you have enjoyed reading about Madrid´s Michelin starred restaurants, and enjoy finding your new favourite place to eat in this fantastic capital city. Dinner at one of these fantastic restaurants is the perfect match for one of our wine tasting tours from Madrid


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