A selection with amazing tapas tours in Barcelona - A selection with amazing tapas tours in Barcelona -

Barcelona Tapas Tours

Tapas tours in Barcelona

Enjoy Barcelona like a local and have fun while you discover bars and taverns that serve some of the best tapas in the city of Barcelona.  Barcelona is one of the cities in Spain where new style and traditional tapas co-exist more naturally in bars and terraces. The good weather invites to enjoy tapas in this truly Mediterranean city. A tapas tour in Barcelona is one of the best ways to discover the city and taste it!

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This bike and tapas tour in Barcelona is one of the best ways to enjoy a comprehensive tour of Barcelona and some of its top highlights, including a visit to the Cathedral in the Gothic district. The itinerary has been designed to include a fantastic mixture of top sights and you will end in the best possible way by enjoying tapas and wine (other drinks are also possible). A great balance of cultural sightseeing, moderate sport, gastronomy, wine, and fun. Small groups and knowledgeable guides You will get back in time and discover Barcelona through the eyes of Picasso during the days he enjoyed and lived in Barcelona!

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This tour is the best rated tapas tour in Barcelona and good value for money. It can be enjoyed at different hours so it can be enjoyed either for mid-day lunch or dinner. The amount of food served in the tour is enough to serve as a full meal. You will enjoy several local restaurants that serve traditional tapas. The tour will also include regional Catalan wines: a glass of wine at each stop!

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Discover the wine world in Barcelona without leaving the city. The wine course is located ten minutes walking distance from some of Barcelona´s top tourist attractions. During this wine and cheese tasting session, you will learn about local wines and cheese and about the importance of pairing them together. Have fun during your stay in Barcelona and enjoy in a small group with an expert in a relxed atmosphere.

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Some of our recommended tapas tours in Barcelona

Barcelona is famous for its nightlife. Part of it includes tasty tapas. Many districts in the city have changed in recent years thanks to the development of tourism. Old bars and newcomers offer a colourful and rich variety of options where tapas can be enjoyed. But many remain potential tourist traps.  A tapas tour is  safe bet to ensure you taste the best of Barcelona with a local guide.