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Seville Tapas Tours

Tapas tours in Seville

Enjoy Seville like a local and have fun while you discover bars and taverns that serve some of the best tapas in the city of Seville. A tapas tour in Seville is perfect for discovering the city’s white streets, sounds, and magic while stopping at old taverns and bars that serve the best Andalusian tapas and wines in Seville

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Did you know that tapas were invented in Seville? What better way to experience the tapas culture of Spain than to spend a few hours tasting wine and tapas in the local bars of Seville. With this tapas tour in Seville you will get to taste delicious local food at different bars that serve tapas ranging from the more traditional Spanish classics to more gourmet-style tastings. And tapas go best with a glass of Spanish wine, of course! This is the best rated tapas tour in Seville and you will not just enjoy food and have fun, but also learn about Seville´s history

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It is well known that flamenco is part of Spanish culture, but in Seville, the capital of Andalusia, it beats with more force. Thanks to this experience, you will enjoy flamenco at a great show where you will be able to enjoy dance and music. You can add a tapas dinner to your ticket (other options are also available). A perfect way to immerse yourself in flamenco culture at one of the most charismatic shows in Seville

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Some of our recommended tapas tours in Seville

Seville is one of the cities in Spain where a surprise awaits you around nearly every corner. And many of these surprises can be connected to food. The city boasts some food markets full of history. This is a city where eating is mainly about sharing. No matter if you opt for Triana or for the old quarter, we are sure you will enjoy a lot a tapas tour in Seville. One of the best ways to enjoy a walk in Seville while you learn about its history and, above all, while you taste it with a local guide!

Some of the tapas you will enjoy in Seville

Seville is one of Spain´s top destinations to enjoy tapas. We especially love Seville because the atmosphere at its taverns is truly amazing.  Not all tapas tours in the city offer the same type of food, but we have decided to include here a short list of some of the most famous tapas dishes you can find in Seville.

  1. Cold soups: summer in Andalusia is warm. Pretty warm on some occasions! For centuries locals developed a taste for cold, refreshing soups and some of them became classic Andalusian dishes. Gazpacho, a super refreshing tomato and garlic soup, is for sure the most famous of these soups, but we would also recommend you try Salmorejo. It is also a tomato-based soup, but thicker and creamier than gazpacho (due to the addition of bread and olive oil) and it is often served with a garnish of both ham and boiled eggs. Salmorejo was born in Cordoba, but you will for sure find it in tapas bars in Seville too.
  2. Croquetas: Shaped with different shapes, croquetas are served everywhere in Spain and it is one of the most famous local tapas in Seville too. Croquetas are small, deep-fried balls filled with cream and different ingredients. The most famous versions include ham, but you can find hundreds, yes, hundreds, of variations (cod, mushrooms, shrimps, etc) The combination of crisp outside and creamy texture inside make them an ideal tapas loved by almost everyone
  3. Papas Aliñás: This affordable dish is made up of boiled and fried potatoes dressed with a tasteful oil, vinegar, parsley, and garlic sauce.  This is one of our favorite tapas!
  4. Iberian Ham (Jamón Ibérico): You will be able to taste iberico everywhere in Seville. Bars and taverns hang “Pata Negra” proudly above their bars and locals and visitors alike enjoy this true Spanish delicacy usually paired with wine.