Tapas tours and wine tasting in Malaga - Tapas tours and wine tasting in Malaga -

Malaga Tapas Tours

Tapas tours and wine tasting in Malaga

Malaga is a wonderful place and one of the cities in Spain with higher quality of living standards. Food plays a role in this for sure!  Malaga is for sure a great place to enjoy tapas. Some of the streets in the city centre are a “tapas paradise” and locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy local wines and small plates!. We recommend you join a local walking tapas tour in Malaga. This is one of the best ways to enjoy a fun and tasty meal, whilst you get to know more people and also local culture.

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A great food tour to enjoy wines and tapas at some charming taverns and bars in Malaga. You will taste 4-5 wines and enjoy 8 different tapas. This is a fantastic way to discover Malaga while you stroll its streets guided by a wine and food expert

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Some of our recommended tapas tours in Malaga

We trust you can enjoy local wines from Malaga and tapas on one of these tours, which also includes wine tasting of local Malaga wines