Itineraries in Rioja - Routes and ideas to discover Rioja - Itineraries in Rioja - Routes and ideas to discover Rioja -

Recommended itinerary in Rioja

Itinerary to enjoy Rioja wine country, its main towns and villages

You will need from 2 to three days to make the most out of this route.. This route will let you explore the history of wine in La Rioja and its evolution from its past, to its present and, why not, its future. Small fortified villages, old and modern wineries, excellent food and wine, amazing vineyard landscapes… Enjoy La Rioja at its best. You can also find more ideas to enjoy Rioja in this

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Rioja - Itinerary

Recommended hotels in Rioja

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1- Logroño

A good start for this route is a Tapas dinner in the city of Logrono, where the Ebro river flows . In Laurel Street (Calle Laurel) you will find a vast option of bars and taverns. You will enjoy different tapas and wines in every bar… we strongly recommend you change bar as many times as possible, since all of them have something different to offer to the visitor. We also recommend you this post with the best restaurants in Logroño

Interesting and important wineries are located near Logrono, and offer a very good opportunity to enjoy wine culture to all travelers. Another interesting visit in Logrono are the calados, old cellars with underground caves digged in the stone of the city.

Square in Logroño

2- Briones

The castle town of Briones was built near the Ebro river and offers a fantastic view of the Sierra de la Demanda and Sierra de Cantabria. It offers a great stop for lunch and for an interesting cultural stroll, including its stunning cathedral. Nearby sits Dinastia Vivanco´s wine museum, which shows the winemaking process in good detail, from the past to today.

3- Haro

The medieval city of Haro, capital of La Rioja Alta, is home to many of Spain ´s major wineries.

Every place of interest in Haro, and there are many, is accessible on foot. Palaces and beautiful churches will suprise the visitor. Most wineries are located near the Barrio de la Estacion (Station quarter), and were built in this area to faciliate the transportation of wine. To finish your day or to recharge your batteries during the visit, you will find many bars and taverns along the Barrio de la Herradura where all sorts of tapas are served. You can also find of interest this post with the best restaurants in Haro. 


Enjoy a private visit to one of Spain´s most beautiful villages and discover its hidden secrets


Meet local guides and discover with them one of Spain´s top tapas districts. Wine pairing is included


Enjoy an amazing tour to wine country from Logroño and enjoy wines, gastronomy, landscapes...


Labastida was an important garrison in the Middle Ages and enjoyed its best time during the XVII century. This is why it is an interesting tourist destination today, and it offers many an option to the visitor, including The Church of Nuestra senora de la Asuncion, a magnificent catholic temple, located in the main square of the village and built between the 16th and 18th centuries in Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Tower of Labastida in Rioja Alavesa

5- Laguardia

Another beautiful village in La Rioja Alavesa, Laguardia is near but far at the same time from some of the modern futuristic wineries in La Rioja. A medieval walled city built at a hilltop, Laguardia offers excellent views of la Sierra de Cantabria. One of the best ways to visit is to wander through its pedestrian pebbled streets, where we will find many medieval monuments like the gothic church of Santa Maria de los Reyes. You can find more information on things to do in Laguardia in this post. 

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