The best restaurants in Logroño - The best restaurants in Logroño -

The best restaurants in Logrono

The best restaurants in Logroño

Logroño, capital of the region of Rioja in Spain, has in gastronomy its most important touristic appeal. Restaurants and bistros get together in this city that holds wine tradition and wine business deep in its soul. Rioja is a land of wine and wineries. A holiday in Rioja should always include a visit to one or more wineries. But it should also include a visit to a good number of restaurants where top Riojan cuisine can be enjoyed.


Some of the most interesting proposals in Logroño

Ruavieja hotel decoration

Hotel Fuerte Rua Vieja in Logroño

Without a doubt this is one of the best hotels in Rioja. Eurostars Fuerte Ruavieja in Logroño is 4* hotel, with an excellent location. You will stay in the center of Logroño, just a few minutes by foot from the shopping area and the famous Calle Laurel. The hotel has a small spa, perfect to relax after a day of visiting the region … Read More

Wine tasting and tapas in Logroño

Tapas tour in Logroño with Rioja wine tasting

Logroño is best known in Spain for the tapas bars in the old district. Calle Laurel, Travesía de Laurel, and Calle San Agustin are full of bars and taverns where locals enjoy Riojan wine with their favorite pinchos. Pinchos culture is best enjoyed with a local in this Logroño tapas tour. Get to know the best bars and tapas and also lots of anecdotes about Logroño … Read More

Taxi in Rioja wine country

Rioja wineries by taxi

This taxi service in Rioja is perfect to avoid driving. Winery visits are not included. This service includes 6 hours of driver for itineraries in Rioja. ONLY IN RIOJA. The driver will only drive you and wait for you at wineries or villages between Haro and Logroño.

This service is perfect if you have booked your own winery visits and need transportation in Rioja. … Read More

Winery nd vineyards near Laguardia

Half day Laguardia wine tour by taxi from Logroño

This taxi tour is a very affordable way to enjoy Laguardia and its wineries from Logroño. Discover the charming medieval village of Laguardia on this wine tour to the beautiful region of Rioja Alavesa. No need to worry about arranging transportation or booking winery visits in English. Our travel experts will take care of that for you. Your itinerary will include guided visits in English at 2 interesting wineries in Laguardia. Enjoy free time to explore this beautiful town and taste the local gastronomy in one of the town’s tapas bars or restaurants. Convenient and comfortable transportation by private taxi with pickup from your hotel in Logroño … Read More

1. Tondeluna restaurant

(Muro de Francisco de la Mata St., 9) – Phone +34 941 23 64 25

This restaurant seeks to change the traditional concept of restoration an open concept kitchen. In the center of the room six long tables are distributed. Their orientation is perpendicular to the kitchen. Thus, you can see the whole cooking process by turning your head around. They have several menus ranging from 20 to 40 euros + VAT.

We emphasize its caviar tin of red wine on cheese cream, the soft salmon ceviche cured in salt, with mayonnaise, avocado and wakame seaweed; its riojan caramelized peppers with potatoes  and egg made at 65°C; their cheeks cod pil-pil on potatoes; and his mojito ice cream with mint and banana salad. 

2. Enascuas

(Hermanos Moroy St., 22) – Phone +34 941 24 68 67

This is a roaster restaurant that combines the traditional Riojan cuisine with modern cuisine, which can be perceived in the aesthetics of the dish presentations. They offer a good wine list and even a take away service…

The menu features delights such as Crystal Peppers, Asparagus from Ribera del Ebro (Ebro riverbanks), Veggie stew, Home-made croquettes, Seasonal vegetables with foie; Caparrones (red beans soup) from Anguiano; Riojan style potatoes; Garlic soups; Lamb and potatoes stew; Lamb chops made on hot coal (vine-branches), Baked Fish, Grilled piece of Cod, Chocolate Eclairs, Ice-cream covered by a natural lemon cream or the Serrano dessert.

3. La Galería

(Saturnino Ularqui St., 5) – Phone +34 941 20 73 66

José Félix Rodríguez, cook, and Raúl Martínez, sommelier,  lead this restaurant since 2005. Both met at the prestigious Restaurant Echaurren. They offer a complete selection of wines, an innovative menu, good care service and attention to details.

4. La Ribera

(Hotel AC Marriot La Rioja - Madre de Dios St., 21) – Phone +34 941 27 23 50

Restaurant La Ribera is located at the Hotel AC La Rioja. This is a four star hotel tha offers at its restaurant an exquisite menu where tradition meets cutting edge preparations.

5. La Tavina

(Laurel St., 2) – Phone +34 941 10 23 00

At the heart of Laurel Street you can reach this modern space where wine is king. It consists of three floors that are divided into bar, tavern / store (wine bar) and dining area. They propose an Interesting concept of daily special dishess that can be combined to become a full meal menu. You can buy your wine at the store and take it to the dining room (2 euros corkage).

6. La Cocina de Ramón

(Portales St., 30) – Phone +34 941 28 98 08

Ramón Piñeiro’s place is small and offers a distintictive family atmosphere. It is located at the center of Logroño. The restaurant´s main argument is Riojan traditional quality cuisine, but they do not rule out dishes from other regions.

They have three menus (house, steak and gastronomic) ranging from 28.50 to 37 euros + VAT. If you prefer to eat a la carte you can choose seasonal products. They offer something we like a lot in turismodevino: a pairing of three wines for 10 euros + VAT

7. Marinée

(Plaza del Mercado Sq., 2-3) – Phone +34 941 24 39 10

Aitor Esnal is a lover of seasonal cuisine and this is reflected in his menus; which are determined by the extraordinary influence of what is available at the market during a day, week or season. Season Menu € 19.50 (weekdays) and € 22.00 Weekend Season Menu, both including VAT.

8. Portales 24

(Portales St., 24) – Phone +34 941 22 33 27

This is large restaurant .Modern decoration and  traditional cuisine get together to offer a menu suitable for everybody´s taste.  You will find some avant-garde proposals. Besides the option to eat a la carte they offer  a  menu for around € 30.

9. Cachetero

(Laurel St., 3) – Phone +34 941 22 84 63

We could start with seasonal vegetables, or you may rather opt for their Caparrones (red beans soup); Pochas (white beans and sausage soup); Foie Toast; Stuffed peppers and mushrooms with squid ink sauce or Truffled Egg. Cachetero offers a good tasting menu for  28 euros including VAT which is comprised of 5 small dishes, two entrees, fish, meat, dessert and water. Wine or coffee are not included.

10. Taberna Herrerías

(Herrerías St., 24) – Phone +34 941 24 10 01

This restaurant is a restored mansion whose origin dates back to the XVI century. Downstairs you will find the bar, a perfect place to enjoy an aperitif. The kitchen is located on the ground floor and on the second floor you will find the dining area. Exellent seafood and some classical Riojan cuisine dishes are available: asparagus, artichokes or caparrones (red beans soup). Also worth mentioning are the restaurant view´s over the front of the Church of San Bartolomé (XIII) and the spire of the church of Santa María de Palacio.

11. Asador Herventia

(Capitán Gallarza St., 10 corner Portales) – Phone +34 941 24 40 92

Modern style dishes are offered at this Sador (roaster) in an atmosphere combining modernity and tradition (some of the details of the restaurant´s decoration bring us back to a local early twentieth century with its pillars scattered around the room and its white globe-shaped lamps). They often celebrate splendid and really advisable gastronomic events, which vary depending on the season. In the same Street, Portales nº7, they have another roaster restaurant; El Portalón.

12. Mesón Egües

(Calle de la Campa St., 3) – Phone +34 941 22 86 03

Fermín Lasa runs the kitchen and he declares himself  as a follower of the cooking style of Julián de Tolosa . The restaurant proposes a traditional setting which is the perfect match for the traditional dishes served here.  Garlic Soup, Broth, Piquillo Red Peppers, Riojan Cogollos (a kind of lettuce), Riojan beans, Spanish omelettes, Grilled mushrooms with Foie, Sauteed Beans followed as a main course: a wide variety of meat and fish.

We trust you find enough information on this section to make your decision on which restaurants you would like to see included during your wine trip in Rioja. Logroño does not offer the ultimate wine country experience in Rioja (for that we would recommend you opt for some of the smaller villages not far from the Riojan Capital) but Logroño does offer for sure a fantastic gastronomic experience… We soon will be publishing a post with some recommendations for tapas and pintxos in Logroño. IN the mean time, you can also find information to build your holiday in Rioja in our section with ideas for a wine route in the region. The Rioja tourism website is also a good source of information to learn about things going on. This website only covers the Riojan region… you may also want to have a look at the website with information on Rioja Alavesa (since the Rioja wine producing region is divided into 3 administrative entities -the 3rd one being Navarre) it is sometimes difficult to gather all the necessary information on one single site.

Remember also that we can help you build your wine holiday in Rioja.

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