Honeymoons in Spain - A selection with the best plans, ideas and packages in Spain - Honeymoons in Spain - A selection with the best plans, ideas and packages in Spain -

Honeymoons in Spain

Guide with the best plans, ideas, itineraries and packages

Have you decided to enjoy a honeymoon in Spain? or are you still hesitating?

If you have chosen Spain as your honeymoon destination you’ve chosen it right! At Winetourismspain.com know that Spain is not just sun and beach. It is so much more. We have put together a collection of ideas and honeymoon packages for your journey to our beautiful country. Take a look at our list of Honeymoon Ideas for inspiration and unique experiences that you can add to your honeymoon. You will also find a selection of Honeymoon Packages with combine magnificent hotels, must-see cities and towns in Spain, fantastic wineries, our friendly local guides, and so much more!

Spain honeymoon packages

Hotels in Spain – Best wine hotels and honeymoon hotels

Spain honeymoon ideas

Is Spain a honeymoon destination?

There are many wonderful places to visit in Europe but Spain, perhaps, has the most to offer to visitors and especially honeymooners due to its diversity.


  • Let´s start with the basics: Spain offers great weather and is a very safe country.
  • Huge diversity. Spain combines Mediterranean culture, Morrish heritage or Celtic traditions, to name just 3 of the cultures that have had an influence on the country.
  • Fascinating gastronomy and heritage. Diversity translates into amazing gastronomy and wines and an immense heritage (from roman aqueducts to Muslim palaces, gothic cathedrals or medieval castles where you could actually sleep!)
  • Landscapes and natural areas. We should also mention the landscapes: beaches with breathtaking sunsets, cliffs, natural parks or historical paths such as the Camino de Santiago.


What makes Spain especially exciting for honeymooners is the variety of things to do and see and how easy it is to get from one place to the next. We believe some of its villages are among the most alluring and romantic places on earth. And some of them are not yet spoilt by crowds of tourists.

Honeymoons in Spain by area

1-Honeymoons in Madrid

Great connections, amazing night life, top gastronomy and so much more!

Madrid is Spain´s capital and its largest city. Madrid is a mix of many of the things that makes Spain great. It also offers great air connections which make it a great place to either start or end a trip.  In just one neighborhood, Retiro, you can visit the Prado museum, get lost down quiet quaint streets, take a romantic boat ride in the Retiro Park, and have some of the best wine and tapas in the country.

Amongst its top attractions: The Royal Palace, the Bernabeu Stadium, the Plaza Mayor and the fact that you can visit up to 5 Unesco sites located at less than 1 hour from Madrid!

Madrid is a perfect blend of history and tradition with modernity and innovation. It has something for everyone. It can feel big and bubbling or intimate and secluded. There are many recommended things to do in Madrid and some of them are simply fantastic for honeymooners. 

2-Honeymoons in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia, La Boqueria market, the beach and the list goes on an on

Probably Spain’s most cosmopolitan city, Barcelona is artistic and trendy and feels utterly unique compared to the rest of the country. It is a diverse city filled with flavors from around the globe and a palpable feeling of creativity in the air. From the interesting architecture of Gaudi to the fusion bistros and restaurants to the fashion sensibility, Barcelona is a city of beauty and imagination. Adding Barcelona to your honeymoon in Spain will add also the beach, the shopping, and the nightlife. It is hard not to fall in love with Barcelona. Barcelona also offers fantastic air connections and is a perfect place to either start or end your honeymoon in Spain.

3-Honeymoons in Southern Spain

The South of Spain and Andalusia brings most of the iconic images to mind: white villages, Moorish fortresses, flamenco and tapas. There are few areas in the world with so much heritage and romantic spots.


Seville is pure passion. It is the birthplace of flamenco and it is easy to understand that such an emotional end energetic art form was birthed in this city. 

Small winding streets connect the different neighborhoods and everywhere you go there is a bar for a drink (which you will need) and there are iconic medieval monuments around every corner. When you think of Spain and you conjure images of flamenco dancers, Spanish guitar, wine, tapas or bullfighting you are thinking of Seville. Honeymoon in Seville? Make sure you get it in your list!


Granada has the reputation of being Spain’s most romantic city. No argument here. The Alhambra, an ancient Moorish fortress, overlooks the city with the snowy Sierra Nevada mountain range in the background. Breath-taking. Down in the city, bars and restaurants respect the old ways and serve delicious tapas with every drink you order. 


It’s hard to describe the quiet elegance of Córdoba. Not many places have an intact Roman Bridge, a stunning Moorish Cathedral, and a medieval Castle and still feel peaceful, hidden, and undiscovered. This dichotomy makes Cordoba feel intimate and romantic. Add some wine and delicious food, and it will be hard to leave.

3-Honeymoons in Northern Spain

The North of Spain offers a lot: great gastronomy, excellent beaches and landscapes and small family-owned hotels to make your honeymoon as unique as you deserve.  

San Sebastian

If the amazing beach, the culture oozing from every square inch, and the old quarter weren’t enough, it is also the city with the most Michelin star restaurants per capita IN THE WORLD. The food is amazing and San Sebastián and Bilbao are the main cities where you can enjoy Pintxos (the Basque version of tapas).

San Sebastián is stunningly beautiful and romantic and it is paradise if you enjoy good food and wine. Discover in this article the best things in San Sebastian


The biggest city in northern Spain, Bilbao started off as a gritty port city, that has blossomed into a multicultural metropolis filled with art, amazing food, and a personality all its own. In little under 10 minutes, you can go from the ultra-modern Guggenheim museum to a warm local tavern from the 19 hundreds. If you enjoy architecture, this is for sure a great place to add to your honeymoon itinerary. Discover in this article what to do in Bilbao.

Santiago de Compostela

Few people consider a honeymoon in Santiago de Compostela, and this may very well be a mistake. 

One of the more beautiful cities in Galicia, northwestern Spain. It is a region known for white wine, amazing seafood and lush green sceneries. Santiago is the finish line of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and boasts one of the world’s most important gothic cathedrals: La catedral de Santiago, second only to the Notre Dame in Paris.


Few things are as relaxing or romantic as spending time in Rioja wine country, walking through the vineyards, visiting the quaint surrounding towns, tasting the amazing wines, eating the delicious local cuisine, and being pampered at some of the amazing hotels in the area. It is a wonderful destination for a honeymoon to relax, disconnect, and indulge.   Logroño is the main city in Rioja and a great place to enjoy tapas in Calle Laurel at night. 

4 - Islands,, the Mediterranean coast and hidden gems

Spain is a mid-sized country (the size of the State of California) but it boasts great geographical diversity. 

Amongst the many things, you will be able to enjoy during a honeymoon in Spain you will find the Canary Islands and the Balearic archipelago (have you ever heard of Ibiza?) 

But there are also hundreds of interesting cities, towns and small villages spread all over the country with great interest. We illustrate this with just two examples below, but there are so many more!



Valencia is probably best known for its Paella and the Fallas. But Valencia has so much more to offer. The innovative “ciudad de las artes y las ciencias” and the historical quarter with its food market are a must. Exploring the Valencian coast, the Albufera park and, eating on the beach, and looking out onto the Mediterranean sea will make you want to stay.


It is probably the smallest of the cities on this list but it is perhaps the most unique. Toledo is a medieval city that sits on top of a hill, surrounded by a river that creates a natural moat around it.

It was once the capital of Spain and the cultural center of Europe, and the evidence of this is everywhere. With Moorish, Jewish and Catholic influences across the city, it feels like it is straight out of a fairy tale or a Game of Thrones episode.