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Honeymoon Ideas in Spain

A selection of top romantic ideas for your Spanish honeymoon

Spain is a very diverse country and this only brings endless possibilities for honeymooning in Spain. Here you will find fantastic honeymoon ideas in Spain that will make yours an unforgettable honeymoon. We are sure you will find lots of inspiration in the following list. Enjoy your honeymoon planning!

Honeymoon ideas in Spain

Top romantic ideas to spend a night during your honeymoon in Spain

Top Romance

Sleep in an old medieval castle

Once upon a time you dreamt about this… You can turn that fairytale dream into reality, thanks to some of the most beautiful hotels in Spain which are located in castles and where great food is served and gorgeous landscapes can be enjoyed.

Castilla’s name comes from the province’s large number of castles. Some have been converted into charming and comfortable hotels where you can sleep like a king and queen for a night.

Our recommended top deal below is an amazing hotel on the way from Madrid to Barcelona. A truly magical experience!

Top Relax

Relax in a wine hotel with spa overlooking a vineyard

Sleeping and relaxing at a winery hotel is one of our top ideas for a honeymoon in Spain. These hotels are the perfect spot to enjoy wine, food, and relax. From stylish villas to luxury modern resorts, you will enjoy a fantastic experience savoring the flavors of good relaxing wine country life.

One of our favorite suggestions includes taking a swim in a pool with views of vineyards, then relaxing in the jacuzzi.

Super Original

Sleep in a Don Quixote windmill

Amongst the many original ideas, you could think of to spend a night during your honeymoon in Spain, we are almost sure you had not thought about this one: sleep at an authentic windmill, just like the one where the famous Don Quixote of La Mancha slept in the famous book by Cervantes.

Top Romance

Sleep in a Moorish Palace

The Moorish occupation left behind many old palaces where, even today, you can spend the night and feel the harmony and care for details of the Al Andalus artists.  The most famous one is L¨Alhambra, in Granada. You can get to Granada easily with the AVE. high-speed train. El Parador of Granada is located inside the Alhambra palace. It is a magical place, but there are many more small romantic hotels with views of the Alhambra.

Top gastronomic ideas to have fun and enjoy food during your honeymoon

Super Fun

Top cooking lessons in Spain

Go to the local market, cook paella, and learn how to prepare the best tapas available…  It’s fun. Spain is synonymous with good wine and food and no matter where your honeymoon takes you in Spain you will find a cooking class to enjoy local specialiies. 

This will give you plenty of ideas for future dinners that will remind you of your honeymoon, with friends, family or anniversary dates.

It is not easy to go hungry in Spain and getting your hands “dirty” while cooking is a great way bring some bring local aromas and tastes back home.

Super Original

Be winemaker for a day

Toasting to something or somebody is always good and it’s great to have many opportunities to do so. This should always be the case during your honeymoon in Spain! By being a winemaker for a day, you will have the opportunity to see what happens before a toast and understand the work winemakers do behind the scenes.  

Begin this activity with a morning walk in the vineyard. Your guide (a member of the family or close friend) will discuss viticulture, soil types, and sun exposures and their effects into winemaking.

Get ready to get your hands dirty! : If there‘s harvesting, pruning, or leafing to be done you will be asked to help… though do not worry, this does not imply any exhausting exercise and you can stop at any moment you wish. Grape stomping may even be possible in September and early October!

You will then head towards the wine cellar: a very small, traditional cellar. Forget about more traditional wine tours. Here you will learn about winemaking and traditional methods and take one of the bottles with you.

Very tasty!

Exploring tunnels in centuries old wine cellars

Some of our wineries are full of history and interesting secrets and are very romantic places for honeymooning!. In Spain, you will be able to join wine tours at different wine regions in the country. Walk inside 500-year-old tunnels and wine caves and enjoy excellent wines!  Then enjoy wine country and its beautiful landscapes and get also ready to taste traditional local gastronomy.

Top adventures ideas for your honeymoon in Spain

Top adventure

A Balloon ride over amazing landscapes

Few experiences are as romantic as a kiss or toast in a hot-air balloon. This is an amazing way to ride into the sunrise. It’s also an inspiring way to appreciate landscapes and historical sites.  The good news is that you enjoy safe balloon rides not too far from Spain´s two top cities, Madrid and Barcelona! If you enjoy a bit of adventure and are looking to add that super special experience during your honeymoon in Spain, this is most probably it! 

Super Epic

Bring a bit of Game of Thrones into your honeymoon

There are several filming locations in Spain that have been used in Game of Thrones. Visiting one of these can bring an epic touch to your honeymoon trip in Spain.  Some of our trips can be adapted to include visits to some of the most impressive settings: Seville´s Alcazar, the Bardenas Reales in Navarre or Zumaia, and San Juan de Gaztelugatxe in Basque Country

More ideas for your honeymoon in Spain

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