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Honeymoon Ideas in Spain

Our honeymoon packages include fantastic components that will make yours an unforgettable honeymoon. They can also be customized to incorporate experiences and ideas you wish to enjoy.  You can find inspiration in the following list.

Gourmet dinner with the city at your feet  

High quality cuisine while enjoying a unique dinner, complemented with the perfect wine, and impressive views of the big city below. A fantastic experience as a welcome dinner for your honeymoon!


Picnic in the vineyards  

Beautiful landscapes, surrounded by vineyards, and a basket with wine, a tablecloth and some tapas, is the perfect activity before returning to your wonderful hotel.


Exploring tunnels in a centuries old wine cellar  

Some of our wineries are full of history and interesting secrets. Walk through 500-year-old tunnels and wine caves and enjoy excellent wines. 


Sleep in an old medieval castle 

Castilla’s name comes from the province’s large number of castles. Some have been converted into charming and comfortable hotels where you can sleep like a king and queen for a night.


Sleep in a Don Quixote windmill

We have many original ideas for a great night’s sleep. One of them is an authentic windmill, just like the one where the famous Don Quixote of La Mancha slept.


Sleep in a Moorish Palace

The Moorish occupation left behind many old palaces where, even today, you can spend the night and feel the harmony and care for details of the Al Andalus artists. 


Relax in a spa overlooking a vineyard

One of our favorite suggestions includes taking a swim in a pool with views of vineyards, then relaxing in the jacuzzi.


A Michelin dinner with wine on a terrace

There are some meals that are remembered for a lifetime, not just for the anticipated flavors, but for the beauty of the dishes, and the stunning views. The wine and carefully prepared dishes will become a memory for many years to come.


Sleep with panoramic views of one of Spain’s UNESCO World Heritage cities

The Alhambra of Granada, the Alcazar of Segovia, and the Cathedral of Toledo...  It will not be often that you will get the chance to see a sunrise with such beautiful views. We can make it possible.


A balloon ride over a medieval city

If you are looking for a little adventure, we can arrange a balloon ride overlooking one of our prized cities – an unforgettable experience. 


Walking a part of the Camino de Santiago

A honeymoon doesn't have to be a tiring experience...  But if you want to walk the path as a metaphor for your lives together, this can add a spiritual touch to your honeymoon. The Camino de Santiago offers a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful countryside in Spain and the feeling of being part of a larger community of people.


Toast to your future while picnicking and enjoying the sunset on a boat

Spain offers an entire range of exceptionally beautiful national parks. Enjoy a picnic and a boat ride while surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes.


A dinner with waiters who sing opera

Would you like to listen to ‘Brandis de la Traviata’ sung by a waiter? They’ll know that it’s your honeymoon and can sing something very special for you.  


A trip to hunt for truffles

Accompanied by an expert, our selection of gastronomic activities includes finding prized truffles.


Be winemaker for a day

Toasting to something or somebody is always good and it’s great to have many opportunities to do so. By being a winemaker for a day, you will have the opportunity to see what happens before a toast and understand the work winemakers do behind the scenes.  


Be a fisherman for a day

Climbing on board a boat and sharing a day of work (only a little) at sea can be a very romantic activity. A couple’s life can be full of difficult moments when you have to work together. Do some of this, and then enjoy the best fish later.


Be a shell-fisherman for a day

Gathering shellfish means harvesting seafood that live near or on the beach or shoreline. This is traditional work that approaches nature like no other and one that provides some the best seafood dishes.


Cook and eat like a native

Go to the local market, cook paella, and learn how to prepare the best tapas available...  It’s fun – and will give you plenty of ideas for future dinners that will remind you of your honeymoon.


Impressive photographic opportunities

Our trips are full of unique places and special moments in which you can take precious photos that will keep the memory of your honeymoon alive.



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