Spain Short story contest winners - Spain Short story contest winners -

Short Story writing contest 2017

Short Story writing contest 2017

We are pleased to announce the winners of our short story contest. We would like to thank all the participants for sharing their stories with us.


Winetourismspain explores the possible relationship between wine and extraterrestrial life

How would aliens react to wine? Would wine play a role in the way that aliens perceive Earth? 

Submission guidelines:

Please read these guideliness carefully prior to sending your story

All stories must be original and should not have been previously published elsewhere. will have the right to publish or use the awarded stories in its website

Prizes: 3 prizes. A first prize of an Amazon voucher valued at 700 USD and two second prizes of an Amazon voucher valued at 350 USD (We are not responsible for any tax implications)

The competition begins March 15, 2017. All entries must be received by April 30th, and winners will be announced on May 20th

Submissions must be a minimum of 200 words. Maximum word limit is set to 500 words. Stories that either do not reach or exceed these limits will not be considered

All submissions must be received before 20:00 on the closing date (Central European Time)

Topic: all stories must be about a specific topic. Extraterrestrial life arrives to Earth. They arrive somewhere in Spain. Wine plays an important role in the way their perception of Earth is shaped.

Language used: English. No other language will be accepted.

Country of origin of participants: any

Important rule: The stories must first be published on a blog as a precondition to participate. As part of the publication, a link to or any of its sections must be included (the following sections are provided as examples and can be used as inspiration for the stories)

Honeymoons in Spain section What about am¡n ET couple that arrive to earth as part fo their honeymoon and land in Spain?

Road trips in Spain Picture yourself enjoying a road trip in Spain when, all of a sudden, an UFO gets close to your car in wine country…. 

Segovia tour the acueduct here could well attract the attention of any ET civilization aiming to understand how architecture evolved in the universe!

Toledo tour  If there is a place on earth good as an example of different culture living together this is Toledo. Maybe ETs will land here to explore how to solve some domestic problems!

Number of stories: Individuals could participate with a maximum of 2 stories.

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