Navarra wine region - Itineraries and routes - Navarra wine region - Itineraries and routes -

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Navarra wine region

Itinerary and routes in Navarra wine region

Navarre (or Navarra, in spanish) is one of the most famous Denominaciones de Origen in Spain. There are many wineries that produce wine belonging to the Navarre DO, but also wines that are part of the Rioja DO.

Navarre is famous for its rose wines, but other types of wine are also produces, such as surprising whites made from the Chardonnay grape, sweet Moscatel wines, and also red-wine which have been highly appraised by experts but which have not yet received the public recognition they deserve.

Navarra wine region - Itinerary

2 great road trip itineraries that include Navarra

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Wine in Saint James Way

Doing wine tourism in Navarra gives us the opportunity to discover St James way, admire Romanic monuments, taste delicious local specialities and a great variety of wines as well as visit prestigious bodegas.

Wine Fountain in NAvarre

1- Pamplona

Pamplona is famous worldwide for its festivities called San Fermines which take place on 7 July each year. But Pamplona is more than just bull-running. It has a fascinating history: founded in 75 BC by the Roman General Pompeyo, it was the capital of the Kingdom of Navarra through the Middle Ages.

The medieval walled city has been well preserved, and it provides us with great monuments which remind us of the splendor of past times.

Street in Pamplona

2- Puente de la Reina

Puente de la Reina (literally meaning The Queen´s bridge), with its majestic Romanesque bridge, is the hinge between the French part and the Aragonese part of St John´s way.

The Calle Mayor (main street), which leads to the bridge, goes across the town enabling us to admire many architectural works: the Albergue de Peregrinos (Pilgrims´hostel) , The Convento de las Reparadoras ( a convent), the Iglesia del Crucificio (Church of the Crucifix) or the Iglesia de Santiago (Church of St John).

3- Estella

In Ayegui, only two kilometers away from Estella, you will find the Monastery of Irache, which in old days was the first hospital for pilgrims on St John´s way. You will also see the wine fountain of Irache, which has two jets, one water, the other wine.

There is a text which reads the following: “Pilgrim, if you wish to get to Santiago full of strength and vitality, have a drink of this great wine and here´s to happiness”.

4- Tafalla

Tafalla has an interesting cultural and religious heritage, together with the Palace of the Marquis of Feria. The road NA132 through vineyards leads us to Ujué, which boasts a fortress church.

A stroll through its small uphill streets is worth the detour. From there on we can follow our way for 12 km until Carcastrillo, where the Monasterio de la Oliva (Monastery of the Olive) awaits us.

5- Olite

Olite is a walled town with a remarkable gothic-style Palace, the Palacio de Olite, and many other interesting buildings such as the Parador de Turismo de Olite, a real castle converted into a hotel. Next to the Parador you will find the wine station of Navarra and an exhibition of wine and vineyards.

Castle of Olite

6- Bardenas Reales

Olite is a walled town with a remarkable gothic-style Palace, the Palacio de Olite, and many other interesting buildings such as the Parador de Turismo de Olite, a real castle converted into a hotel. Next to the Parador you will find the wine station of Navarra and an exhibition of wine and vineyards.

Bardenas Reales in Navarra
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