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Rioja wine region

Complete guide for wine lovers and holidaymakers

In Spain, Rioja is synonymous with wine. This may be a bit confusing to start with! The Rioja wine region has the same name as one of the administrative regions in Spain (La Rioja) but the wine region as such does not coincide 100% geographically with it. The denomination of origin Rioja spreads along 54.000 hectares around three different Communities (La Rioja, Basque Country, and Navarre).

La Rioja is about serious winemaking and wine drinking, but the region is so beautiful that it is also about vacation-making. In this section, we will cover both aspects. So no matter if you are looking for information about the wines or planning a trip to enjoy the region, we will try to get all your questions answered.
In this section, we will provide you with information to ensure you learn about Rioja from different perspectives. On the website, we have different articles that cover La Rioja wine region. To ensure you focus on what is of utmost interest for you we describe what you can find in different articles.

Rioja Spain - Wine region table of contents

If you are planning a holiday in Rioja along with our local partners we can run the of the best tours in Rioja. In case you want to spend one or two days in the region of Rioja, we are sure you will find lots of ideas and inspiration in these pages.

Rioja is a perfect place in Spain to enjoy tapas (known as pinchos here) and to pair these with local Rioja wines. The region extends from Haro on the west to Navarre on the west all along the Ebro River (Spain´s second-largest river). We believe 3 days is a perfect amount of time to spend in Rioja and discover not just its wines but also to enjoy beautiful monasteries, a bit of El Camino de Santiago, and to be able to relax.

In Rioja, you will find fabulous wine museums, emblematic wineries, fantastic hotels, some of which are built on wineries, breathtaking landscapes, and ancient monuments worth visiting. Modern Architecture has contributed in recent times to the reputation of Rioja and, luckily enough, some of these great wineries are also hotels and restaurants.

Modern winery architecture next to an old vine in Rioja

1- Wine tours in Rioja

If you need practical information to find the best tours to enjoy Rioja this is your section. You will find information about one day tours run by local wine experts that provide a safe way to avoid driving while tasting. Rioja wine tours.

Old hut in Rioja vineyard

2-Itineraries in Rioja

Since time is always limited you may want to plan your stay in Rioja wisely. Do you prefer small villages or mid-sized towns? Do you want to enjoy wineries but also culture? Discover the top destinations within Rioja in this article with recommendations to spend 1 or 2 days in Rioja.

Rioja wine making deposits

3- Things to do in Rioja

Rioja is not just about wine. This region in Spain hosts in San Millan de la Cogolla one of Spain´s most important monasteries. Santo Domingo de la Calzada, on the road that leads to Burgos, is an important stop in El Camino de Santiago. There are many small fantastic villages, natural reservoirs and much more. Learn about the best things to enjoy in Rioja in this complete guide

4-Rioja and its wines

History of wine in Rioja

In this complete article, you will get to understand how the region originated, the influence of French winemakers and businessmen, and its most evolution. History of Rioja wines.

Types of wines in Rioja and classification

In this interesting article, you will learn about how wines are classified in Rioja. Rioja wines

Terroirs in Rioja

This article is awesome for anyone interested in understanding the soils and geography behind the wines. Soils and terroir in Rioja.

Wineries in Rioja

There are many wineries in Rioja! And we do not intend to get them all listed nor mentioned. Some of the wineries in Rioja are icons for the region. Maybe the best known example if Marqués de Riscal. A visit to Marqués de Riscal winery is a perfect way to learn about the history of local wineries, but there are so many other options. Believe us, most of the tiems, it is smaller family owned wineries that offer the best experiences.  If you would like to get to find a sample with some of the best wineries in Rioja this post is perfect! Rioja wineries

Landscape in Rioja wine region
Tourists in Rioja winery

More interesting things and tours in Rioja

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Ysios winery in Rioja

Which wineries to visit in Rioja? – 15 ideas

One of the biggest attractions to visit La Rioja region is its wineries. Rioja offers a variety of small family-owned wineries and major brands, traditional and avant-garde architecture. Planning which ones to visit according to distances, visiting times, etc. is not easy. This post shows some of the most interesting wineries to visit in Rioja. To make the planning process smooth and your trip more enjoyable, we recommend contacting us for your trip to Rioja. … Read More