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The best tapas bars in Haro


Continuing with our ´where to eat in Rioja´ series, here we have put together 4 of the best places to ´tapear´(eat tapas) in Haro. You can also eat tapas at some local wineries during your winery visits in Haro, Rioja (although, this is not available in every winery).

As signalled in our last post, Haro is rich in gastronomic and wine history. Many of their traditional festivals are centred around food and wine, and involve all-day drinking and eating. One of the most famous festivals of the area, the ´Wine Battle´, can be traced back to the year 553. In honour of three centuries of religious pilgrimage, a flag is carried to the highest point in the area by an official on horseback, signalling the start of the Wine Battle. Wine is sprayed through wine skins and spray pumps, covering all that gather in the area, and the local people drench each other in wine. The festival continues back at the main Plaza, where music is played and food is shared.

1.   Jamonero Madrid
Plaza de la Paz 26, 26200, Haro
Tel: 941 31 00 00

The ´Jamonero´ has a name that refers to all things ´jamón´ (ham) and offers a selection of traditional tapas dishes that are great to share. Here you will find above all fantastic quality jamón, although do not miss out on their other tapas and pinchos dishes.

El Jamonero is located in the centre of Haro and also offers a selection of local Riojan wines. They even have a website if would like to see a map of their location or find out more about them.

2.   Mesón Los Berones
Calle Santo Tomás 28. 26200, Haro

Tel: 941 31 07 07

Mesón Los Berones is a local and authentic tapas bar in Haro, designed for locals who enjoy traditional Riojan tapas. It is very local and you are unlikely to find any other foreigners in the place, meaning that Spanish speaking here will help.


3.   Bar Benigno
Calle Navarra 1, 26200, Haro

Tel: 941 31 26 58

Bar Benigno offers classic and traditional ´raciones´, which are slightly larger tapas portions. Simple and rustic, you can order a couple of plates to share, such as their famous ´patatas bravas´ (fried potatos with a tomato sauce).

4.   Bar Obarenes
Plaza de la Paz 11, 26200, Haro

Tel: 941 31 17 13

Bar Obarenes is located in the centre of the city and has a selection of Riojan dishes to choose from. They also have a ´menu del día´ available, which will contain 2-3 courses of traditional Riojan plates and usually a drink, coffee and bread.

In case you are planning a trip to Haro you can find in our dedicated section some good hotel deals in Haro. Haro is one of the citiies in the world with more wineries per square metre. You will enjoy wine culture in this Riojan Town.


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