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Carnaval of Wine in Haro

Haro, the town that is home to many of La Rioja´s great wineries and famous for its wine battle festival, celebrates Carnival like many other cities in Spain…but in its own way. 

Here is what the Riojan city has prepared for Carnival 2015. The Los Agustinos hotel, one of the best hotel in Haro, Rioja, a former convent with a beautiful central cloister, will be the host of this special celebration which has been named “La esencia está dentro” or “The essence is within”. The event will include 20 artists and a spectacular dance performance with wine as the theme of the celebration.

The dance being held in the same hotel is inspired by “flower power” and the hippie movement. Without a doubt, there will be lots of color in this Riojan Carnaval! Also part of the event, which has a maximum capacity of 500 attendees, are 14 of Haro´s wineries which will each present their wines.




The event will have two sessions taking place on Friday, February 13th, and Saturday, the 14th. Starting at 8:30pm, Haro will transform into a dance of color inspired by its wine culture. The entrance fee is 12 Euros and tickets are available at Haro´s tourism office. Given the limitation of seats available, we recommend purchasing tickets as soon as possible.

In 2014, Haro´s Carnival was also held at the Los Agustinos hotel, although the theme of the celebration was quite different: the Parisian cabaret. This celebration is nothing more than another good excuse to visit Haro and enjoy the excellent local cuisine. Some of Haro´s restaurants offer an excellent interpretation of typical Riojan food. In addition, we recommend taking the opportunity to visit one of the wineries in Haro.

Whether you are staying just one day or several, Haro always has plenty to offer its visitors: excellent wine, good food, friendly people, vibrant culture and, on this occasion, good times and fiesta.

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Los Agustinos Hotel- Haro, La Rioja

Los Agustinos hotel in Haro is located in a spectacular ancient building that has all the modern touches of a luxury hotel. Previously an ancient convent and 19th Century Spanish military assemblage, Los Agustinos welcomes visitors today with its impressive cloister, which has been renovated with a beautiful glass dome ceiling and modern décor

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