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Best way to get from Barcelona to San Sebastian 

Many of our clients ask us about the best way to get to San Sebastián from Barcelona.
Obviously, many flights are available, but there are other options, too, that can make your destination choices of San Sebastián, the gastronomic capital of Spain, and the city of Barcelona, interesting ones.

In case you are considering visiting these 2 cities we recommend you have a look at our Barcelona to San Sebastian tour through Rioja, which connects both San Sebastian and Barcelona via Spain´s most famous wine  landmark; the beautiful region of Rioja. 

Barcelona to San Sebastian tour via Rioja wine country

If you are interested in a longer tour, we also recommend you this gastronomic tour that covers Barcelona and Northern Spain. 

Barcelona & Northern Spain gastronomic tour

TRAIN:  From Barcelona to San Sebastian by train

You can buy tickets from RENFE, Spain’s national railway system online ( The website (available in English) can be a bit confusing, however, and sometimes reservations for future months are not available. In Barcelona, trains leave from Sants Station. Approximate duration of trip: 5h 30min. One-way ticket price: around €65.

If you choose to go by train, there are two travel alternatives: The first is to stop in Zaragoza, famous for its spectacular cathedral (El Pilar), and a second option is to stop in Logroño, the capital of the Rioja wine region.

Barcelona to San Sebastián passing through Rioja

If you have some spare time, we recommend the train stop in the La Rioja region. You will arrive in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, famous for being part of the Camino de Santiago, and the true capital of tapas. Laurel Street is full of bars that offer delicious tapas and many of the regional wines.
We recommend this fantastic trip from Barcelona to San Sebastian that includes transport by train, and a private tour to visit wineries and enjoy Rioja's gastronomy. It’s a very good option if you have a little extra time available.

CAR: Barcelona to San Sebastian by car

The best automobile route to go from Barcelona to San Sebastián is by following the highway signs that take you first to the city of Lleida, then to Zaragoza, Pamplona, and finally to San Sebastián. The total distance is 570km (354 mi.) and takes about 5h 30min. Zaragoza and Pamplona are very interesting cities (Pamplona is the capital of the famous San Fermines festival). We recommend that you make a stop or spend a night in either of the two cities. Another option is to extend the route a little more by visiting and enjoying the Rioja vineyards surrounding Logroño.

From Barcelona to Lleida

To go to Lleida from Barcelona, there are two similar options about the same in length, some 170km/105mi). Leaving Barcelona take the B-10 or B-23 highway leading to the toll-free Highway A-2 with direction to Lleida, or the AP-7 toll highway in the direction to Lleida-Zaragoza and then the AP-2 toll highway in the same direction (Lleida-Zaragoza). The second option is more expensive but has fewer radars. The first option touches D.O.* Pla de Bages and crosses into D.O. Costers del Segre. The second option travels through the following denominations of Catalan origin: Penedès, Cava, Tarragona, Conca de Barberà and Costers del Segre. - - - (* ‘Denominaciones de Origen’, or “D.O.”, indicates an official designation of the vineyard, grape type, and recognition of better-quality production methods and final product. [Quieres incluir este información??] )

From Lleida to Zaragoza

This stretch, about 150km/95mi, is best driven on the AP-2 toll highway as it is much faster than the N-II, the National Highway.

From Zaragoza to Pamplona

From the Zaragoza A-2/AP-2/Z-40 ring road, take the AP-68 toll road in the direction of Logroño and Pamplona. After a few km, you should decide whether to continue on the AP-68 toll highway or by the free motorway A-68, about 28 km/17mi. A-68 is a double-lane highway with a single lane each direction, and a cheaper but slower option. In the border region of Aragon and Navarre, you will find the D.O wines from Campo de Borja and Navarre wines. From the AP-68/A-68, take the AP-15 toll road towards Pamplona. On the way, Olite makes for a pleasant stop. The distance between Zaragoza and Pamplona is 177km, or 110mi.

From Pamplona to San Sebastián

From Pamplona, continue for 85km on the toll-free highway A-15 to San Sebastián. On the western outskirts of this city are the D.O. Txakoli of Getaria wines.

PLANE. Barcelona to San Sebastian by plane

From Barcelona’s Prat Airport to San Sebastián’s Hondarribia Airport. At the destination airport you need to take a taxi or a bus. Flights are operated by Vueling and by Norwegian Air. Approximate duration of trip: 1h20min. One-way price starts at €55.

BUS. Barcelona to San Sebastian by bus

Barcelona: Sants Station or Nord Station. Operated by Vibasa. Approximate duration of the trip: 7 and 7.5 hours. Approximate price one way: €35. It doesn't seem to be the most attractive option and the price difference is not huge compared to other options.


Walking 20 km a day! You will need 26 full days to reach San Sebastián. Good luck!!


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