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Ribera Duero wine region

Wine Tourism in Ribera del Duero

Wine tourism in Ribera del Duero

Here you will find the best spots to visit while you are in Ribera wine country and the best routs to get from one place to the next, so you get the most out of your trip to one of Spain’s top wine regions.

Ribera wine country itinerary


Burgo de Osma


A good place to start is Burgo de Osma. It is a wonderful, small, medieval town to stay in with lots of history and several cool things to see and do. It’s also known as a great place to eat in the region, with several top-notch “asadores”.

Burgo de Osma isn’t technically part of the Ribera del Duero appellation, but it’s a great place from which to start your journey and maybe even enjoy a SPA day before heading out to explore Ribera.

Following the N122 highway we arrive at San Esteban de Gormaz, which features 2 gothic era churches, a castle and a well know medieval bridge. It’s worth a short stop before arriving at the next important stop on the way.

Aranda de Duero

Aranda del Duero is Split down the middle by the Duero River. Its two halves are connected by the Aranda Bridge. Aranda is filled with wine cellars, although this might not be immediately obvious. Cellars in Aranda, and in Ribera in general, are traditionally located underground and the only way you would know that you are near one is by finding the tale-tell chimneys ore “luceros” as they are known that allow the underground cellars to breathe.


There is a complex web of underground tunnels and cellars that crisscross underneath Aranda that house excellent Ribera del Duero wine and about 10 minutes outside of Aranda is Bodegas Portia, one of the top wineries in the region.

Aranda is also very famous for its “asadores” and in particular for one dish: roasted lamb in a wood oven, which, when enjoyed with a good bottle or Ribera wine is absolutely unforgettable.

Ribera also has some sight-seeing opportunities including the Church of Santa Maria, the Church of San Juan, its town squares and the many parks that line the Duero river as it crosses through Aranda.




On your way to Peñafiel, there are several small towns that might be worth your while stopping at: Gumiel de Izán, Gumiel de Mercado and Roa are three towns on the way to Peñafiel that are home to many important winemakers and have significant cultural relevance to the region.

Once you reach Peñafiel you will know exactly why it is a required stop on the itinerary. Perched high up on a hill sits the Castle of Peñafiel, and its truly a sight to see. The castle is also home to the Wine Museum of Ribera, which is worth a visit as well.


Peñafiel is also home to some of the more most emblematic winemakers in all of Ribera del Duero, none more important than Protos. You will find great places to eat as well and the village, at the foot of the castle is quaint enough no merit a stroll.


Road to Valladolid


On your way to Valladolid, there are several towns from which to choose in which to make a shortstop. Curiel del Duero, Pesquera or Quintanilla de Onésimo.

Curiel has several historically relevant sights to visit

Pesquera is home to many excellent wineries, including its namesake which makes one of the best wines in Spain.

Quintanilla de Onésimo has a Little bit of both: history and excellent wine.  




Valladolid is the Capitol of the province of Castilla y Leon and is the caretaker of the provinces cultural and historical heritage. For wine lovers, Valladolid is a great city to visit since the city itself is beautiful and interesting with many things to do and sights to see; plus Valladolid is surrounded by wineries from several different appellations that merit a visit and a tasting. It won’t be hard to find good place to eat either in Valladolid which is full of traditional “mesones”, “tabernas” and “figones”.


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