Best things to see and do in Segovia - Best things to see and do in Segovia -

Best things to see and do in Segovia

In this article we are going to cover the best things to enjoy in Segovia, a city at one hour drive from Madrid and which is one of the best day tours or excursions that can be enjoyed from Madrid. A place not to be missed!

Segovia in a nutshell

You may first of all be wondering: where is the small, historic city of Segovia? It is located in the Castile y Leon region, approximately 98 kilometres north-west of Madrid and sits almost 1000 meters above sea level. But why should this UNESCO World Heritage Site be on your to-visit list? Indeed it is the iconic landmarks which attract a great deal of visitors including its impressive, ancient Roman aqueduct, Alcazar (castle) and cathedral, however you should not underestimate what else this city has to offer. From having a meal on its beautiful Plaza Mayor to taking an evening stroll through its charming streets, you might find yourself falling in-love with the city.

Segovia acueduct during a Tour

Segovia Tours from Madrid

Discover 3 fascinating tours to enjoy Segovia at its best. Segovia is one of the most amazing cities in Spain and some of its highlights include a roman acueduct, a castle that could have inspired Disney and Europe´s latest Gothic cathedral! Bring along wine and excellent gastronomic and the outcome are these unique tours! … Read More

Views of the Cathedral and Alcazar in Toledo

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Meal next to oak barrels in Spain

Private tour – Segovia and Ribera del Duero from Madrid

This is a luxury wine and cultural private tour from Madrid. You will discover the amazing city of Segovia and the Ribera del Duero wine region. Relax and enjoy the company of one of our friendly guides while you discover the best Roman aqueduct in the world, enjoy a meal next to wine barrels, and explore a centuries-old wine cellar. This is a unique tour to Segovia and Ribera del Duero that you will not find on any other site and it is only available as a private tour … Read More


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How can I get from Madrid to Segovia?

Aqueduct of Segovia

If you want to have a tour in Segovia, these are the different ways to get there:

By train: The fastest way to get from Madrid to Segovia is by the Renfe AVE high-speed train which takes 27 minutes.  It leaves from Madrid´s Charmartin Station and arrives in Segovia´s Guiomar station (10 minutes taxi drive from Segovia´s centre). Madrid´s Charmartin station can be reached with either the metro lines 1 or 10 and usually there is one train running every hour. A one way adult ticket will cost you €12.90.

By bus:  Taking the bus is the cheapest way to get from Madrid to Segovia, however takes 1 hour and 20 min (if you take a direct bus). The name of the bus company is called La Sepulvedana and a one-way ticket costs just under €8. Busses usually run every 45 minutes from Madrid´s Moncloa station (reached by the metro lines 3 or 5) and the great part is that it leaves you 5 minutes walking distance away from Segovia´s aqueduct (in the centre).

 Car (rental):  If you are keen to get to Segovia at your own pace, then by car is the best option. The journey will take you approximately 1 hour and you will see some interesting things from a distance on the way including Franco´s monumental memorial: Valle de los Caidos. In Madrid you also have a wide choice of car rental companies to choose from with convenient pickup/drop-off points around the city including SIXT, Hertz, Avis, Enterprise and many more!


If you want to experience Segovia in a comfortable way without having to drive yourself, take a look at our 1-Day Luxury Segovia Tour from Madrid which might interest you.

Top restaurants in Segovia

Restaurant in Segovia

The signature dish of Segovia is the Roast Suckling Pig (Cochinillo) which visitors tend  to love due to its juicy tender meat and amazing crispy skin. This traditional dish goes back many years and is definitely a must-try for anyone having a tour in Segovia!  

José María: Located just 1 minute away from the Plaza Mayor, this is one of Segovia´s top restaurants which earned itself a good reputation for its Cochinillo. Over the years this top Segovian restaurant has had visits from reputable guests including Facebook´s founder Mark Zuckerberg and the Spanish Prime Minister, Mariano Rajoy.

Mesón De Cándido: Besides its great Cochinillo, what makes this restaurant extraordinary is the location and decoration inside. Situated directly next to the aqueduct, you can enjoy a meal with a spectacular view (if you get a table near the window upstairs). What´s also superb is that the inside is filled with traditional items that represent the restaurant´s history.

San Antonio el Real: This hotel-restaurant is situated in a 15th century monastery which can make the dining experience quite exciting! When you enter you will notice the elegant atmosphere and be highly impressed by the fine presentation of the food.


If you want to experience the authentic gastronomy of Segovia, we can recommend you having a look at this Gastronomic Getaway in Segovia , perfect if instead of a day tour, you want to spend a night in this city.

What to enjoy in Segovia?

Views of Segovia

The Roman aqueduct:  The 29-meter tall Roman aqueduct, once used to bring water into the city from the Frío River, is symbolic of Segovia and you will be fascinated by its preservation. If you´d like to enjoy the beautiful sight of this structure, there are plenty of restaurants and cafes scattered around where you can sit down.

 The Alcazar (castle): It is often said that the Disneyland Castle highly resembles this fairy-tale like alcazar in Segovia, something that is definitely questionable. Touring this Alcazar is exciting because of the stunning views you have from its terrace and its great architecture (particularly of its ceilings).

The cathedral: A tour in Segovia´s gothic cathedral never disappoints! It is also located just at the Plaza Mayor making it a convenient visit after your lunch. Just as much as it’s exterior, the interior is impressive with an eye-grabbing altarpiece.

Taking a drink on the Plaza Mayor: Probably one of the best places to sit and have a coffee or a drink is Segovia´s Plaza mayor. It’s the best way to get a glimpse of the true Segovia life and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere this city has to offer. Want the name of a cool restaurant on Segovia´s Plaza Mayor? Visit Conception for great food, drinks and stunning views of the cathedral! 

Nightlife: Staying the night in Segovia and want to know a good place to go out? On Plaza la Rubia 2 (just 3 minutes from the Plaza Mayor), you will find the Canavan’s Theatre Irish Pub – a great bar/club for people of all age groups. Usually on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the pub is open until 5-6am with its theatre dance floor open. A great place to dance the night away!


With our 1-Day Luxury Tour to Segovia you will be able to enjoy everything above (besides the nightlife). However, if you wish to spend the night in Segovia, we can happily arrange that for you. 

Which universities are in Segovia?

IE University in Segovia

IE University:  Situated in an old convent with a campus also in Madrid, this top-ranked university truly adds an international touch to Segovia. With over 80 nationalities on campus, chances are high you will bump into some English-speaking students around Segovia. IE University offers programs in Business, Law, Communication, International Relations and Architecture. If you visit the Irish Pub, be sure to find IE students there!

UVA: The University of Valladolid also has a campus in Segovia which consists mainly of Spanish-speaking students. You can find some interesting courses at this university including Masters in Social Science, International Relations and even a post-graduate program in emerging technologies.

What is the weather like in Segovia?

 The weather in Segovia can change quite drastically from one minute to the next as the city is situated almost 1000 metres above sea level. The month with the highest average rainfall in Segovia is in April with 60mm and the lowest in July/August with 20mm. The hottest months in Segovia are also July & August with temperatures rising to 32°C. During the winter, the picture is quite different with the temperature falling to -2°C and even snowfall most years.  If you are not a big fan of the intense heat nor the cold, the best months to visit Segovia if you are going for tour would be May or in September where temperatures lie anywhere between 18°C – 25°C.

Segovia aqueduct

Other things to do near Segovia

La Granja de San Ildefonso

Have a tour at other royal palaces: Liked the Alcazar and want to see more palaces? You are in luck! Located in the hills of Segovia approximately 15km away is another astonishing royal palace called La Granja of San Ildefonso. This royal palace near Segovia is known for its breathtaking ´Jardin a la française´ (French garden) and famous hunting grounds.  You will also find the magnificent Royal Palace of Riofrío built in 1752 – quite different in terms of appearance from the outside of La Granja.

Visit the small Renaissance town of Pedraza: Also within the Provence of Segovia, this charming small town the perfect place for a lunch. You will find another castle in this town and it is known for its annual running of the bulls. If you want a traditional Segovian meal, the restaurant Reberte is highly recommended!

A peaceful night at a hotel in Sepulveda: If you are looking for a quick getaway in an area surrounded by nature, staying a night at Hotel Vado del Duraton would be a good choice. Located between Madrid and Segovia, this wonderful hotel is situated near fantastic hiking, and bike trails. Definitely ideal for those looking to disconnect. Book a night at Hotel Vado del Duraton for quick escape in the nature near Segovia.

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